Apple today announced the iPhone 4S. Here’s the quicklist: Same physical design and dimensions Same 640 x 960 pixels, 3.5 inches (~330 ppi pixel density)

iPhone 4S is here – not so magical

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Apple today announced the iPhone 4S. Here’s the quicklist:

  1. Same physical design and dimensions
  2. Same 640 x 960 pixels, 3.5 inches (~330 ppi pixel density) display
  3. Camera upgraded to 8 MP, 3264×2448 pixels, autofocus, with LED flash
  4. Video recording upgraded to 1080p
  5. Processor upgraded to 1 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 (Apple A5 chipset), with PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU
  6. Runs on both GSM and CDMA

Almost everyone is agreed that this device is meh. Still, its an iPhone. Fans, go get one.

In the meantime, dear Lord, please send me a Nokia N9 like yesterday. Oh, yes; Apple claims that the iPhone 4S camera is faster than the one on the N9 (currently acclaimed as the fastest). That will be a fun comparison.

Nokia’s imaging guru, Damian Dining, has stated that the N9’s 8mp f/2.2 28mm Carl Zeiss optics plus true 16:9 capture is the most advanced 8mp smartphone camera. Does the iPhone 4S measure up?


The iPhone 4S will start selling on October 14.


  1. Dear Apple, I’m so disappointed… An 8MP Camera sensor and Dual Core A5 Processor is not a worthy upgrade. Nothing mind-blowing: No more Competition

  2. Disagree. It’s the 4S not 4GS. The device is considered meh bcus the media had hyped it so much..Apple delivered “amazing” according to them, lol!

  3. i got increasingly dissapointed while reading Gizmodo live blog on the Apple conference earlier today. The device didn’t live up to the hype at all.

  4. You can not wow all the people all the time…

    The iPhnoe 5 will probably give the Apple Haters cerebral apoplexy with their enhanced voice recognition technology…

    Although i passionately dislike Apple’s business practices, one has to acknowledge that they never ever rest on their effulgent oars – as regards trying to continually innovate/ improve on existing technology

  5. Though well deserved improvements were announced today, i’m starting to feel Apple isn’t feeling all that Apple anymore. Dare i say its because of Steve Jobs absence? Infact i think this is the first time all the details (world phone, 8MP camera, Siri voice assistant, A5 chip etc) of a future product were already known before its formal annoncement. There were no real surprises today. kinda of an anticlimax to me. And did you notice they spent an awful lot of time repeating all they said at the last WWDC ( features of iOS5)? Funny thing though Fans boys will still praise Apple as usual.

  6. Yes fan boy here but let’s be realistic. It’s ridiculous how all the blame is placed on an underwhelming device. No mobile phone company gives a better user experience than Apple, I dare you to show me who can compare. Inverstors who dump Apple stock sell at their own risk, it’s their loss (I dont own any Apple stock BTW). Steve Jobs’ absence? Please gimme a break! So the 4S was developed in the 2 months or so of his absence without any input of his? How is this product launch/announcement different from the 3GS? If you understand Apple’s way of doing things, this is not any different…

    Yes the hype is there, yes product leaks happened, yes there was a lag to the release but it’s all for a reason (I cant claim insider knowledge but it will all become clear to everyone while Apple is smiling to the bank). This is all due to the intense pressure from everyone interested in knowing what Apple is up to next.

  7. There comes a time when repeating d same hardware makes things boring and peeps move to d next ‘big thing’ happened to RIM..They lost market share cos they are repeating same hardware with little changes. Time will tell if this apple strategy can still work for them but with the monster droids coming from samsung n HTC..and with nokia WP7 just around d corner…i fear for apple o..

  8. for iPhone users, that are disappointed by the 4S. Should remember 3GS upgrade from 3G.

  9. Oh Apple… What a nice
    feature! Now I can tell my iPhone
    “Prepare me breakfast” or “do my
    laundry” and it does. #Siri

  10. Yes, this iphone 4S release was quite underwhelming. It is not altogether different from Christ’s statement in the Bible that talked about putting New Wine in Old Wineskin. Apple just showed me that perhaps with the departure of Steve Jobs, they could now be defect of ideas.

    Please don’t get me wrong. The dual core processor, higher Spec’d Camera, True World Phone feature are all good improvement over the the iPhone 4, but I can’t really explain why Apple didn’t think of redesigning the external to at least 4.0 inches! Was this all they could come up with in 1 year 3 months counting? Shame! Samsung make Smartphones like once in 3 months!!

    However the Siri feature is a remarkably good addition. But then as I said earlier, the external features was an antiKll/Anticlimax and it spoilt all our expectations!

    @Yomi Adegboye I almost felt you were doing a comparative review with the N9, and not reporting the Apple event. The N9 may be remarkable, but I fail to see the user interface beating that of iOS. And with Nokia vehemently swearing that it’d be the last Meego device, I see no reasons of turning myself into a guinea pig for them to test their experimental product!

    Finally, the camera of the iPhone 4 appears to be another selling feature (For Camera Lovers). A comparison with the Galaxy SII, N9, and N8 is the likely outcome. Until next week, I advice we keep our hands crossed. Until, there is a hands-on review, mere announcement won’t suffice. The test of a pudding as they say is in the eating!

  11. @afewgoodmen, next week exactly is the date. Samsung will also be launching the Nexus Prime then. A good fight will surely begin.

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