I published a comparison of the iPhone 6 with the Lumia 930 yesterday and promised a follow-up with an Android comparison. I just found this

iPhone 6 facts from an Android user’s perspective

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I published a comparison of the iPhone 6 with the Lumia 930 yesterday and promised a follow-up with an Android comparison. I just found this on Twitter, and it pretty much paints the picture clearly in a humorous way. Enjoy:

iPhone 6 facts



  1. I’ve been teasing my friends and associates that live in Apple’s walled garden about this for a while. thing is there are things that have been a feature of iOS for a while that’s still missing in Android. granular app permissions are the most salient example. Android may be feature rich and it has features missing in other smartphone OSes, but it doesn’t have every feature these competing OSes have (yet)

  2. The i-sheep with blind loyalty! Shame Apple’s lost the innovative edge since Steve Jobs death. Apple now playing catch up instead of setting the trend and pace. As usual the new iphones over priced and over hyped along with the i-watch! Still don’t see much sense in a smart watch that does a bit of what your smartphone more than capable of. High end market will only take Apple so far in today’s dynamic mobile technology market.

  3. actually the high end market is where the profits are, as it is Android has the volume (80 %) and Apple has the profits (60 %). Apple makes more profit than all Android OEMs combined. no sense in moving more units and still ending up with less cheese. that’s why most Android OEMs are scaling up and polishing their flagships. as far as sheer profitability is concerned, Apple’s adherence to the high end of the market is the smartest move. this may change, and it probably will, but for now the high end is keeping Cupertino well fed

  4. Apple Sha…….
    I’ve not used an Iphone before don’t think I eva will why? not because of the price but its features now most peeps will think I uses a samsung s3 – s5 when I say features but no my phone of choice the KingSing S2 Cheap and has Mad Features and then some and other than the Screen Density and Resolution 4G NFC and Camera which are the areas the Iphone may be a bit better than my phone not that my camera or resolution/denisty is bad but actually does a more than okay job I don’t know why I’d buy an Iphone for $600 that’s daylight robbery. My 2Cents

  5. We all one day will change, for now I’m an Android and blackberry adherent. Maybe when I’m older and now see file-sharing as evil I will move to Apple. The only reason I don’t use an iPhone is file-sharing after all, it’s got 1gb ram, dual core, yet our Droid are pack with 2gb ram, quad or octa cores(nonsense ) yet an iPhone is smoother. Mind you I still love my Droid but give this guy’s at Cupertino a break.

  6. This is a comparison of convenience no doubt.
    First off, I wonder why the grumblings over how other chose to spend their money. If the iPhone has 3310 specs and people are spending millions on it, we shouldn’t be bothered…for the best part, is it your money?
    Like I said earlier, it’s not about the spec sheet…the normal iPhone user gets this satisfaction from using his phone. He doesn’t pride over just what the phone can do but how it does it. Well, I guess android users just don’t get it. E.g What’s the point of having a 42 megapixel camera phone when nobody’s buying it and instead rushing for a higher priced 8 MP one?

  7. Ehm. Apple has successfully created a niche for themselves as a company for the rich only. Add my friend said., they make 60 prudent of the profits because they know they can package themselves. Have you ever read a review of an I product on apples website before, they gave that ability to keep you glued to your seats. The amount of phones that Apple has released in their entire history odds about the same nine had tecno gas done in 2014, but you can never compare them…

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