I have been a closet Apple fan for quite a while but recently came out of the closet and embraced who I was. All I

I swear the iPhone wasn’t designed for Internet use

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I have been a closet Apple fan for quite a while but recently came out of the closet and embraced who I was. All I need is an explanation as to why iPhones spot the worst batteries on the planet earth. Too wide an assumption? Ask any iPhone user. If they will be truthful, they will have a story about how their iPhone battery life is whack.

Design and Usability

Apple Inc. aces this mark every time. The design of their devices always showcases the cutting edge innovation that other brands shamelessly try to imitate all year round. The same goes for usability. Simple, easy to use processes have made the iDevices quite popular. Plus the effizzy..

MacBook Battery Life

The Macbook line of products has been famous for their long lasting batteries. 10 hours from a single charge and decent web browsing usage. That is a recipe for stressless day in our country. If you happen to be someone like me who hops from one training venue to the other or goes from 0 to 360 in 5 secs, battery power is very important to me. My MacBook delivers on that front. We thank the Lord. Praise Him, somebody!

iPhone Battery Life

But when it comes to the iPhone’s battery, it is a totally different story. I purchased an iPhone sometime last year, with the mindset that the huge catalogue of apps available in the iStore would help boost my productivity. It turned out to be the beginning of the downfall of this very internet-connected girl. I was on a long thing. My first day of using it left me wondering why the device was ever produced.

In a country like Nigeria where power only comes on between 12am and 5am in most places, this means my mobile phone battery is already at 70% by the break of dawn. Another hour of morning mails and calls will leave me with a 30% battery. That is before I leave my home! Simply put, battery performance of the iPhone has been nothing short of disappointing.

After some weeks of things going on this way and the attendant frustrations of dealing with an empty battery on a daily basis, I finally devised a means to get more juice out of my iPhone battery. What I did was:

  1. Crank down the brightness to the barest minimum
  2. Turn off Bluetooth
  3. Turn off WiFi
  4. Delete or stop running background apps, and
  5. Turn off cellular data

In effect, in order to be able to use my iPhone all day, I have to turn the damn phone to a feature phone. That is the only way I have been able to get more juice out of my iPhone battery. E dakun (Yoruba phrase for “please”), if I have to turn off my cellular data to squeeze more life out of my iPhone battery, isn’t that quite an expensive feature phone?

apple iPhone battery life

But what are my options? So, I now use my beloved iPhone for calls and SMS, while all my internet-dependent tasks happen on an Android smartphone with a very solid battery life. Sometimes, I You can’t blame a gal. I have a busy work schedule and not even my love of the iPhone will make me put my productivity on the line for it.

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  1. Hahaha! quite funny but very realistic Sister. I think iPhone producers needs to bring the Battery factors on the Table.

  2. Would have been great if you stated the iPhone model you purchased. I’ve used an IPhone 5&6. I’m by no means a fanboy. Got rid of the 5 less than 2weeks after purchase (screen too small). I didn’t bond with the iPhone 6 (work phone). In my experience, both devices have their standby time compares or to my galaxy Note 4.

    On one weekend, I left a 50% iPhone 6 in my bag on Friday. Pulled it out on Sunday evening, it was about 43%, used it as a hotspot for about 3 hours (irregularly) and still had about 7% juice. I’d left the charger at the office so I tossed it back into my bag. Device had 2% if I recall on Monday morning.

    I however can verify that if you are actively using the phone (Ibook for some strange reason drains battery even faster than videos- same on my iPad- I don’t use I book on my mac) the device won’t last at all. May give iPhone 6plus a go in the future (just for the camera prowess) otherwise, nothing stands out sharply about the iPhone against comparable devices on other platforms.

    PS Gearing to grab a Blackberry Priv just because I want a diff form factor and marshmallow polished all the shirts people complained about in the Priv. Someone dash me a Priv 😊😊😊😊😊

  3. The phone model is the iPhone 5C, they come in different bright colours with tiny screens. I may embrace another iPhone in future but not until they fix this battery calamity. There has been a popular joke the iPhone users are almost always glued to a socket. Na wa!

    Also, despite all the complaints from the shirt people about the Priv, you still want one? I understand that we want what we want. We shall join you in prayers.

    Somebody dash him a Priv! *rings bell*

  4. @Gladys, I need another form factor so bad it hurts. I was at 2 phone stores yesterday (PS most Nigerian stores dont sell Blackberry devices again), I held the Galaxy S8, S8+, IPhone 6s+, iPhone 7…. I felt nothing. Not even the faintest attraction. They were all boring slabs. The Galaxy felt like a particularly harsh fart would crack the screen.

    Wetin dem shirt people talk? I’ve looked up reviews tire.

  5. I laughed hard at the Harsh fart. 😂😂😂😂

    PS: I know a few guys at C.V that still sell Blackberry, if you want one holla at me.

    Use the Mobility contact line. Cheers.

  6. Gladys your claims are 100% correct, i have this friend who owns an iPhone 5, aside me and his other friends he has another best friend and guess who that is?

    The Socket!

    He sleeps, dines, wakes, and who knows? maybe he even moves around with it.
    Android keeps getting better everyday and am loving it………

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