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Your iPhone camera can be used to spy on you

iPhone users have harped on about the device being much more secure than Android smartphones. The truth which we have warned everyone about is that iOS is just as easy to use to invade your privacy. Felix Krause is the founder of fastlane, an open source tool for iOS and Android developers focused on making building and releasing apps easier, and he has just demonstrated how easily your iPhone camera can be used to spy on you.

Apple iPhone camera

And this isn’t some difficult hack that requires the most complicated procedure. Any app that has access to your iPhone camera can take pictures and record videos of its environment without your knowledge using both front and rear cameras, and upload them immediately. Krause says it can even run real-time face recognition to detect your facial features or expressions.

You will get no warnings – no beeps, no blinking lights – while all of these go on. You wake up the next morning to find videos of you walking naked in your bedroom plastered all over social media.

How does this work? The first time you install or use an app that requires access to your iPhone camera, once the permission is given, the app can access the camera at any time without your knowledge. The loophole is nothing new or revolutionary. It is very basic and works.

Video Demonstration

Here is a video that Klause created to demonstrate this kind of secret recording:


What Can You Do To Secure Your iPhone Camera?

An easy first step is to tape off your camera lens like I have my laptop camera lens taped off. You can also buy a camera lens cover. Covering the camera lens is the most secure thing to do right now. Krause also says you can revoke camera access for all apps. But note that once you let an app use your camera, that access stays in place unless you revoke it again.

In the long run, developers of smartphone operating systems have to integrate better privacy in these platforms. At the least, the user should get a notification when certain activities are triggered on their devices. That is sort of like the app monitoring that BlackBerry has built into their Android smartphones.

You can read Felix Krause’s blog post on the subject HERE.


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2 thoughts on “Your iPhone camera can be used to spy on you”
  1. This one na real wa ooo! All iPhone users are not going to like this. Something need to be doing fast concern this issue. Thanks for this info, I will inform some of my friends that uses iPhone

  2. Any app with access permission to the camera can record surreptitiously.

    It is not really about the particular phone or the platform , but rather what the app authors have decided to do behind your back..

    You will get no warnings – no beeps, no blinking lights – while all of these go on. You wake up the next morning to find videos of you walking naked in your bedroom plastered all over social media.


    This sneaky act also applies to audio. What if a rogue app records all your phone conversations, transmits them. somewhere for analysis, then uses the contents to nail you (say, blackmail, kidnap, etc).?

    All your keystrokes could similarly be recorded and sent to some server in Peking.

    Like I recently explained to someone who was moaning about apps that are intrusive / invasive apps, privacy is truly dead. That’s unless you stick to a featurephone….

    If you are on Android, get an app that lists all your apps along their permissions.

    If you see apps that ask for unnecessary permissions, revoke the permission, or get a more reasonable equivalent.

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