iPhone out-sells WinMo globally!

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GSM Arena reports that Apple’s only current smartphone, the iPhone 3G, outsold the numerous devices based on the Windows Mobile platform not only in USA but on worldwide scale in Q3 2008!!

Geeks may beef the iPhone all they like – and, yes, the iPhone suffers in capabilities and advanced features. But in terms of user experience, nothing touches it. Meanwhile, for all of Windows Mobile’s capabilities, it has the crappiest user interface and user experience of all mainstream smartphone Operating Systems at the moment. And we are seeing the results.

Symbian S60 has stepped up with the release of its 5th edition, though it does match up to what the iPhone offers, but at least it is a big improvement. Blackberry has stepped up some too. Android is here already with an enticing offer. But the Windows Mobile interface is still stuck in the 70s.

Are we on the verge of cataclysmic shiftings in smartphone sales? Or is this a flash in the pan? Time will tell?

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