4 things that make iPhone XS Max both a record-breaker and a heart-breaker

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The iPhone XS Max is the big daddy of Apple’s 2018 smartphones. That is the guy with the 6.5-inch screen. It is turning out to be both a record-breaker and a heart-breaker at the same time.

But then, isn’t it always the tall, hunky ones who do that? Here are a few things you should know about the XS Max since its launch.

1. iPhone XS Max Has Best Display

The iPhone XS Max has the best display on any smartphone in 2018. The previous holder of the title was the Samsung Galaxy Note9.

Two big smartphones fighting over who blinks better. The clash of the titans; right? Well, your darling XS Max took the cake.

2. The iPhone XS Max is outselling the XS

Early sales reports state that the bigger iPhone XS is the preferred one. It is selling 3 to 4 times the numbers of the ordinary XS.

Surprise! Surprise. Mister Mobility reminded us of that time in 2010 when Apple founder, Steve Jobs, said of the idea of big phones, “You can’t get your hand around it. No one’s going to buy that.”

I can imagine Jobs looking at the iPhone XS Max and scratching his head.

iPhone lovers are proving him wrong again, like they did before with the iPhone models of the last few years. We love the iPhone XS Max and we are spending big money on it. Who cares about getting a hand around it?

We just love them tall, dark, handsome and with some muscles!

3. The iPhone XS Max Is Quite Fragile

iphone xs max recordbreaker heartbreaker
Apple claims that the iPhone XS and it’s bigger twin are built with “Exceptional materials. The most durable glass ever in a smartphone…” and for iPhone XR “Exceptional materials. The most durable front glass ever in a smartphone…”

Maybe, just maybe, it was all marketing hype calling the glasses on these phones “most durable” as neither of them survived the drop tests they were subjected to by SquareTrade.

SquareTrade is a company in the UK that provides warranties for iPhones, iPads, laptops, and other electronics.

The phones were dropped unto a cement floor from six feet to test their durability and the glass on both phones were completely shattered.

They however survived the liquid test after being dunked in beer for almost 3 minutes. Yes, we can boldly say that two of iPhone three muskeeters are indeed water resistant.

Have a look at this video to see it all:

With all these, I’m still trying to know how I would protect a N400, 000 smartphone. That Titanium case does not sound like such a bad idea now; does it?

4. The iPhone XS Max Is Expensive To Fix

If the front glass panel of your XS Max breaks, it will cost you $329 to replace it. The back panel is even costlier, attracting a fee of $599.

So, do not let that iPhone drop. Whatever you do, do not drop it. This word of caution applies to both the XS and XS Max, but the latter especially.

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