This Titanium case for the iPhone XS is fantastic, and so is the price

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Imagine a titanium case that is capable of protecting your new iPhone XS from everything, possibly including a nuclear explosion. Sounds great? Wait for the price.

As we know, Apple announced three new iPhones last week –  iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR and their features have been on the lips on everyone since then. Mister Mo calls them the three musketeers.

The most affordable of these phones is sold at N270, 000 and the most expensive of them is sold at N400, 000. Personally,  if I am buying a phone worth that costs that much, I have to be rest assured that even if there is an accident, my phone will not suffer any damage.

Aluminum is the metal used in manufacturing these fancy iPhones, but it is a soft metal, and so is prone to damage. That is why Gray, an ultra-premium case manufacturer, came up with a titanium case for each of the new devices.

Gray’s new line-up of titanium phone cases are machined from Aerospace Grade Titanium. They range from the grey Alter Ego Titanium to the Pearlescent Alter Ego Aurora. Gray says, “…radically transforming the iPhone, the Alter Ego turns your phone into an object of mystery and power, stopping the world in its tracks every time it leaves your pocket.”

The X-shaped design at the back of the case protects the phone’ s four corners, and you can customise it by having your name engraved on it, if you so wish.

Each case comes packaged in a safe box made of Aluminium. The Irony.

A Titanium case protecting your iPhone XS is the very answer to your prayers. What could go wrong? Not a lot. But do hold our beer till you see the prices at which they are sold.

How Much Do The Titanium Cases Cost?

The Grey cases are sold for the following prices:

  1. Alter Ego Titanium goes for $1,997 (that is about N720,917).
  2. Black Alter Ego Stealth goes for $2,548 (that is about N917,280).
  3. Alter Ego Gold goes for $3,099 (that is about N1,115,640)
  4. Pearlescent Alter Ego Aurora goes for $3,787 (that is about N1,363,320)

As you can see, these phone cases cost far more than the iPhones they were designed to protect.

And now, we come to the million dollar question: would you spend that amount in protecting your phone?

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