I am told by @vedhaspatkar that in yesterday’s presentation, Apple claimed that the iPhone 5 is the thinnest smartphone around. I didn’t watch the presentation,

iPhone5 is NOT the world's thinnest smartphone

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I am told by @vedhaspatkar that in yesterday’s presentation, Apple claimed that the iPhone 5 is the thinnest smartphone around. I didn’t watch the presentation, as I have no use for Apple’s reality distortion field, so I cannot verify that. I have also checked Apple’s website and there is no mention of the iPhone 5 as the world’s thinnest smartphone.

Still, for the records, the iPhone 5 at 7.6mm thickness is not the thinnest smartphone around. That honour belongs to the Oppo Finder, a Chinese brand product running Android ICS, a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and sporting a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display. It is 6.65mm thick, which is significantly thinner than the iPhone 5. The Finder was released into the market in June 2012.

Find out more on the Oppo Finder.

  1. Well, that’s what Apple would want the iSheeps to believe since they hardly do their independent research or if they do, they prefer playing the ostrich and those sites that are dedicated to Apple and iOS are already parroting that claim among others.

  2. Setting out to be the thinnest phone is achievable only at the expense of other factors.

    if all we are looking for is a thin phone, we would simply put a tiny FLAT battery, omit a camera (or put a miniature one), put speakers that would produce tinny sounds, use a nanoSIM, etc.

    Maybe Apple should redirect the funds spend on Lawyers to produce a display that integrates a super thin battery

    Of course, achieving extreme thinness would inevitably lead to compromises.

    Ineluctable Laws of Physics..

    Great, this clarification by @vedhaspatkar

  3. I read the report. But there is definitely an error in your write-up. You wrote that the thinnest device is 6.65 inches thick. I’m sure you meant to write 6.65mm.
    Well, I’m not surprised at their false claim. That would not be the first time they’ll claim to be what they’re not.

  4. It’s an Apple launch people, you can’t expect them to mention competitors doing it better, even their arch enemy Samsung.

    What they really meant to say it’s the thinnest iPhone ever, just as it’s the greatest ever iPhone.

  5. Noni,

    I have come across a number of reputable blogs who had people present at the event insist that Apple actually made that claim. Some of them have gone ahead to publish similar posts to this to dispute that claim by Apple.

  6. And Mr Mo I say it once again, Apple isn’t saying this to those of us who don’t follow the gospel of Apple. So what if it gets challenged? What they said and what they meant, the believers will deduce for themselves.

    Because Apple made the claim doesn’t mean it’s not true – in the world of Apple. Apple always make claims that get dismantled later on but do they rescind, in fact do they care? Nope. It’s out there. They said it. And they will still sell shed loads of iPhones or whatever device they’re touting at the time.

  7. Noni, I don’t care what Apple thinks. They are full of bullshit anyway. You made a claim – clearly stated above; I addressed it. Nothing more than that.

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