iPhones and iPads crash from playing 3-second video

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IBTimes UK reports that a 3-second MP4 video is causing iPhones and iPads around the world to crash.

The report says:

The video, which IBTimes UK will not be linking to, is an .mp4 file which can be played in the iOS Safari web browser, but quickly slows the device to a crawl, before causing it to lock up and freeze.

Discovered by YouTuber Everything ApplePro, the flaw is being described as “completely crazy” and will crash any iOS device. It comes a year after a certain text message was discovered to crash and reboot iPhones whenever it was received.

But where the text bug caused the iPhone to reboot, the newly discovered video file crashes the phone to such an extent that only a hard reset (holding the power and home buttons) will bring the phone back to life.

iphone crashing

It is suspected that a memory leak is why iPhones playing the video slow down before crashing.

If This Has Hit You

If you have played the video and crashed your iPhone or iPad, you can fix it with a hard reset.

  • For iPhone 7: press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen and the phone reboots.
  • To fix other iPhones: press and hold the Home + Power buttons for 10 seconds.

Go read the full report: This three-second video can crash almost every iPhone ever made.

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