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An Iron Man sketch/painting on the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 is a beautiful 3G tablet. Along with the included S-Pen (stylus), it makes for an interesting device for some creative work. The last time I held a paint brush was back in Architecture school, I believe. Last night, I had some creative juice flowing and thought to see how much touch I had lost in sketching and painting.

Here was what I came up with – two rough sketches:

First one is an imaginary landscape.

The second one is a face that you should know very well – Iron Man.
Iron Man
Clearly, I’ve become quite rusty. But I should be able to do more of this in my spare time. Perhaps a morning at the beach. Perhaps sunset on a hill. Perhaps Spiderman fighting off the Green Goblin. Whatever, but from time to time, I shall sit down and sketch some more. It should even be more fun starting a running face off with my son who has taken after me in these things.

What app did I use? Autodesk SketchBook Pro for Galaxy. While not pre-installed on the Note Pro, there is an icon that triggers installation. It is just about 12 MB in size. I have only explored it a little bit, but I see that it is an app I will enjoy using. The S-Pen is comfortable in the hand in use and a joy to use for both sketching and painting.

I had fun doing this and will certainly do it again.


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3 thoughts on “An Iron Man sketch/painting on the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro”
  1. I lost my S-Pen about a year ago. No replacement at the Samsung store. Nieces destroyed my keyboard months ago. No replacement from the Samsung store. It’s ridiculous.

  2. Bar Baric,

    It’s good to see you here. Accessories is a big problem in Nigeria till date. Lose a stylus, keyboard or even audio earpiece, and finding a replacement is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Sad situation.

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