Irony: Xiaomi faces the onslaught of counterfeits

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Rising Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi, has made great strides in the last few years. The brand has risen to become the largest mobile brand in China and one of the largest in the world. But Xiaomi says that counterfeits of its products is their biggest headache now. Xiaomis CEO, Lei Jun, has been reported as saying, “If there were no counterfeits, our sales would be double or triple.”

Like Patrick Moorhead said, that sounds just ironic:

Consider that Xiaomi itself started out basically copying others and you get the point….

At any rate, all successful products have to face the problem of counterfeits.



  1. Xiaomi. In China. Copying what others did. In a country renowned for copying when it comes to phones. Didn’t think that, somehow, by copying, someone along the way wouldn’t take a leaf from their book and copy them?

    Wonder if anyone pointed this out to their CEO?

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