Is a SecuPhone on the way from BlackBerry and Samsung?

SecuPhone BB Samsung

A SecuPhone from a collaboration between BlackBerry and Samsung won’t be anything strange. After all, they already have worked together to produce a SecuTablet, a high-security tablet based on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5.


Well, specifically, it was a collaboration between SecuSmart (a subsidiary of BlackBerry), Samsung and IBM.

Eldar Mutazin tweeted yesterday a hint that we can expect another such collaboration to produce an Android Lollipop smartphone running BlackBerry service:

No; the idea is not far-fetched at all. If it will happen at all? This bit from Eldar lines up with recent rumours that Blackberry is looking at producing an Android smartphone. Same device or a different one? Let’s wait and see. What the device will look like if it happens? Hey, let’s wait and see.

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