Is Airtel’s BBM unlimited plan a scam?

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Airtel BlackBerry unlimited

A lot of people congratulated Airtel Nigeria in their recent introduction of an unlimited plan for Blackberry which also works for Android for just N1500, only very few Nigerians knows how limited this unlimited data plan is!

I actually quit using Blackberry on March this year and I have been an ardent fan of Android platform. I got to try this Airtel BB Unlimited plan because the ‘unlimited’ in it sounded so interesting to me!

After some few days I used a total of 2.07GB and I discovered that I was no longer connected to the internet. I called Airtel’s customer care only to discover from their agent that they actually sell 2GB for the supposed ‘unlimited’ plan! I asked the guy the reason for that and he told me that they just decided to make it 2GB instead of Unlimited! I was not happy about this, in fact they made me compare all the data plans from the major Network providers and I later published ‘the best data plan for Android and PC’ elsewhere.

Now, I must say that 2GB for just N1,500 for 24hours/7 days and a complete 30 days is cool. But won’t Airtel state the truth about this on their site and other official press release?


  1. I see it as a way to get more new subscribers on their network which is a good thing, but branding just 2gig of data as unlimited doesn’t make sense,it means we can’t even trust our ISPs …it means we are been fooled,someone who’s not aware would just subscribe and find out that after downloading few gigs of data he/she is notified to have exhausted the subscribed plan even before the end of 30 days
    It would have better if airtel as been sincere with us,it doesn’t speak well of them..

  2. /// Now, I must say that 2GB for just N1,500 for
    24hours/7 days and a complete 30 days is cool.
    But won’t Airtel state the truth about this on
    their site and other official press release?. //

    they all do that.

    apart from Etisalat BB that was truly unlimited at one point, I doubt any other network data has EVER been unlimited.

    So, whenever you hear “unlimited”, realize that our networks have given the word another definition..

  3. I just wish I can get this on MTN or else I will quit using MTN for data,just #1500 for 2GB is Gold

  4. I also agree with you that 2GB for ?1500 is very good indeed, even when compared with what obtains in the Western world but yeah, networks ought to be sincere about the actual value of data they are giving to subscribers for whatever data plan.

    And yes, on the flip side it is also unfair of we the subscribers hoping to download say 20GB or more on just ?1500 worth of data subscription. I want to believe that there will be somewhere on that page where it is stated that fair usage apply which will decided by them unfortunately. I believe when they say unlimited, they usually mean people who use their phone for the simple things like web browsing and social networking stuff but doesn’t include heavy downloads and YouTube video streaming.

  5. I pay #3,500 for only 1gb worth of data on MTN, i think #1,500 on airtel would be a move forward for me. The truth is everyone has a data cap, on a 7.0 blackberry device using and exhausting 2gb is next to impossible, just that our new OSes are data guzzlers.

  6. Anyone who gets sold into believing unlimited data plan in Nigeria for now is a real JJC. After learning of the plan, a little research revealed that you actually get 2GB of data which is relatively ok for 1,500 considering other available options.

    Even MTN’s time based internet option which would seemingly let you download all you want in the time frame you purchased is simply a facade because the speed is seriously throttled.

    Few things are unlimited in the entire universe and Nigerian operators data plan is certainly one of them (including apparently unlimited but throttled plans)

  7. ‘Unlimited’ my big black behind. Only Etisalat tried that. As of now, Etisalat’s 3GB for 1k still makes the most sense of all non BB10 plans.

  8. You failed to also recognise that only airtel have across board plan. One fits all plan. Try it. It is super fast and cool.

  9. @Ogochukwu

    I disagree with you, its definately not fast in most parts of lagos. Its just cheap.

  10. I had the same experience, I subscribed for the so-called ‘unlimited plan’ and I was busy watching movies on my phones especially those ones I was unable to download but to my surprise I was disconnected after few days and deducted all my airtime. Somebody should please tell Airtel the meaning of unlimited. Cheers!

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