A Glo Nigeria subscriber sent in a complaint that he’d like to have published and discussed here on MOBILITY. Here is the body of the

Is Glo Nigeria switching this subscriber’s tariffs without his consent?

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A Glo Nigeria subscriber sent in a complaint that he’d like to have published and discussed here on MOBILITY. Here is the body of the email:

Hello Mr Mo,

I wanted to share something with you. I have been on a certain Glo plan where I get charged 5kobo per sec to 5 family and friends numbers with a daily fee of 5 naira [“Sounds like G-BAM HI 5ive” – Editor]. Which works for me well as I mostly call those numbers. However, of late now when I subscribe to a data bundle, Glo suddenly migrates me to a smartphone data call tariff that is higher than what I regularly pay when I call those family and friends.

The question I’m asking myself is, Should Glo automatically/unilaterally migrate me to such a plan that is more expensive in calls to all Glo numbers that I call compared to my regular plan?

I was hoping this could be discussed on MOBILITY. Thanks

As far as I can tell, it would be wrong of Glo or any mobile network to switch tariffs arbitrarily. So, here are some questions that are begging to be asked:

1. What is the name of the smartphone data plan the subscriber activated?

2. Does Glo offer any special smartphone data plans with special call tariffs attached?

3. If yes, was this subscriber aware of these special voice tariffs attached to the data plan before subscribing?

4. Did Glo do adequate subscriber enlightenment about those special smartphone data plans to make sure that as many subscribers as possible are informed?

Let’s discuss this!


  1. The said subscriber has been automatically migrated to Hi-Flier. According to glo:
    HiFlier is a prepaid package that enables customers who subscribe to data plans of 200MB & above to enjoy a discounted calling rate of 18K/s to ANY network in Nigeria. Such customers enjoye the best of two worlds, an unbeatable browsing experience and a pocket friend calling rate. It also offers subscribers several other attractive benefits including 35hours weekly free night calls and lowest SMS charges in Nigeria”.

  2. Ok, pretty well explained. I think glo ought to have allowed the tariffs to family and friends stay irrespective of the migration.

  3. under disclosure has always been.the problem of these networks.

    I believe it is deliberate and leaves the subscriber vulnerable to things like this.

  4. I am on a data plan that allows me to call all networks at 18K/sec. But I was still calling my family and friends at 10Kobo/sec
    “Your call to 080528….. for 15 secs cost NGN 1.50. Your balance is NGN 600.49. Send ACN OFF to 3036 to stop this message.”.
    Suddenly,I made a call to one of my F&F and was charged 18kobo/sec. And that’s what they have been charging me since then

  5. Thank God for this post. Put several calls through to the clueless Glo Customer Care on this issue yesterday. I’m on G-bam with my 5 special numbers but after subscribing to Always Min data plan and being switched to Hi Flyer my special numbers tariff no more work, although when i dial 125 they are still there.

    Hi Flyer makes no difference to a Gbam subscriber as the tariffs are the same. They then go add insult to injury br removing special numbers on hi flyer. This is a very bad decision by Glo. I’m seriously dissappointed.

  6. In my own case calls to 125 does not go through. I’m on the Silver plan. I have it another trial now after reading the previous comment.

  7. The worst is Etisalat, after forcing their tariffs on you to migrate back you have to pay a N100. All the networks are guilty on this except mtn. Immediately you subscribe to a data plan they migrate you to other tariff plan.

  8. My major worry is that the subscriber was not informed of this change through SMS but then, I wouldn’t know what their terms and conditions for these plans are and did subscribers take their time to read up these terms before migrating?

    Sure, these GSM operators most of the time intentionally feed subscribe misleading information through adverts, but it will be good to always check the condition of any plan before migrating, especially when already on another plan to know how the new plan will affect the old one even when they seem not to overlap.

  9. I have experienced this on the Etisalat network.once you subscribe to a data plan by texting any of the smart codes to 8183,you are automatically placed on a call rate of 20k/second to all network. It thereby nullifies any fringe benefit you were enjoying before. It happened to me so I called their CUSTOMER CAREline and they explained to me

  10. i am facing the same problem i am Gbam hi 5,after subscribing for the always macro plan my tarrif was automatically changed,4rm 5k/sec to my friends and family to 18k/sec.this is outrageous…..i won’t subcribe again

  11. i have similar experience but mine is that my Gbam hi 5 plan with 5 family and friends numbers which was initially 5k/sec with a daily access fee of N5 was automatically changed to 18k/sec.i have called customer care and they say its an overcharge yet call rate has not been reverted to the former….

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