Hello Mr Mo, I thought I should notify you of a problem that I ran into this evening. Two weeks ago, I subscribed to 500mb

Is MTN Blacklisting Non-MTN Modems And MiFis?

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Hello Mr Mo,

I thought I should notify you of a problem that I ran into this evening. Two weeks ago, I subscribed to 500mb plan on my MTN line. I popped the SIM in my unlocked O2 modem, and it worked without issues. I also used same SIM in my universal MiFi and it worked as well. This evening I subscribe to the same plan and put my SIM into my modem. This time, it didn’t register a network. I tried the SIM in my MiFi and it was the same story.


I decided to troubleshoot. I got out my Airtel line and tried it in both the USB modem and MiFi and it worked in both. Then I got a different MTN line and tried that too. The results were the same with my original line. The line did not register on the network in both devices.

Precedence. Bad Idea

I know that MTN has done something like this in the past, and it was seriously unpopular. If blacklisting non-MTN modems is their new play to sell more branded (and maybe locked) modems, I seriously think they need to go back to the drawing board.

A sold modem doesn’t equal a bought data plan. Recurrent purchases of data bundles puts money in the bank on a consistent basis. This new development won’t make me purchase a modem. It is only going to make me purchase data bundles on a line that will work in my modem and MiFi. That means I will go elsewhere for my data needs.

I went further online to search for a solution, and noticed there was a similar complaint on Nairaland.

Please, I would like you to test this out if you can connect via a universal modem. If you can not, please use Mobility to bring to MTN’s notice their practice is not ideal.


Best Regards
Emma Edeh

Mister Mo Responds:

Unfortunately, I do not have an MTN data subscription at the moment, nor do I currently have a universal modem or mifi. However, we have an active community here and can throw this open. If you currently run an MTN data subscription, please tell us if you are able to use it in an unlocked or universal modem or mifi. Your feedback is appreciated. Feedback from MTN representatives is also welcome. – Mister Mo


  1. I think it’s a temporary glitch. I’ve only experienced it once but after about 5 hrs it started working. I’m currently using MTN on my unlocked glo modem of 4 years 😀

  2. I really hope it’s a glitch, if it isn’t then that’s utterly distasteful. I would take my data needs elsewhere.

  3. Well well well, its back. working on the universal modem. Either of these two things happened. MTN had a rethink and opened their networks to all Modems or It truly was a glitch in their system. However that glitch is able to recognize my Phone and allow me browse rather than a universal modem is a different story.

    Thank You very much Mr Mo, Mobility has been of help today again.

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