It is looking like the widespread uptake of Glo’s recently announced Glo Infinito voice tariffs is beginning to take its toll on network integrity. In

Is the Glo network getting clogged up?

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GloMobile logoIt is looking like the widespread uptake of Glo’s recently announced Glo Infinito voice tariffs is beginning to take its toll on network integrity.

In the last few days, it looks like it has gotten more common to be told “Sorry, your call cannnot be completed now. Please try again later” when attempting a call.

In addition, from around 9.00 p.m. daily, getting and maintaining an internet connection becomes problematic at our end here. This is a phenomenon that was peculiar to MTN internet before now.

While less common, we have also faced internet connectivity issues during the day time as well. Speeds have dropped too.

Whether this is a fallout of Glo Infinito uptake or not, it needs to be addressed. I used to confidently tell people that Glo High Speed Internet was the most stable mobile internet service around. That is looking like a thing of the past.

What has your experience with voice, SMS and mobile internet on Glo been since the new Glo Infinito tariffs came into effect?


  1. Data connection in my area (Benin) has been very poor lately. If Glo’s network cannot handle the increasing number of subscribers I would be really shocked in view of their cable which I suspect should be running unofficially. This really has a rubbishing effect.

  2. I have not experienced such in Abuja Zaria or Kwale in Delta state.I will not be surprised though if I do in days weeks or months to come.Until we the consumers are well protected by relevant agencies we just have to keep up “suffering and smiling” .

  3. Glo data network has been very poor these past two weeks. I am in Abuja and my experience with voice calls hasn’t been that bad, but for data it’s anything but stable. I have given up on glo these weeks and been on MTN which is quite stable.

    I used to subscribe to glo all day and MTN night plan. Prior to now MTN night plan will not connect or remain stable before 12 midnight. It has improved. I have had solid connection since 10.10 pm. Its now 10.38pm. A record some weeks back.

    Glo connection, even on my nokia phone, is very poor all day to the point where my push email is useless.

    Is Glo One operational? They have made so many broken promises and datelines, I find anything they say hard to believe.

  4. Oh sorry, I forgot to add that text messages would not go from Thursday to Saturday this week. I tried sending one this afternoon. It took sometime for me to get a delivery report despite the recipient’s phone being accessible.

  5. Yomi, true to your observation, the Glo network has lately been quite unstable and erratic. It’s a pity that their network cannot cope with a challenge from subscribers in just 24 states of the federation. Little wonders then that they excluded the major states with higher subscriber base. It means that their network would have completely collapsed if the glo infinito has been made a national thing. Anyway, NCC should use this occasion to resurrect and launch itself back to reckoning. God bless Nigeria, Happy Anniversary

  6. Data service had been very okay since september 1st that i subscribed till date.
    As for voice service, i’m still on “glo talk more” package and calls have been easy and okay here.

  7. I believe its due to the huge number of customers who now use glo always micro. My voice service is okay.

  8. I ve not experienced any hiccup here at my end (whether voice or data services)…..the unstable services may be an intermittent thing. Ever since I subscribed to the Always Micro package its been super browsing speed all the way for me.
    Off topic: Yomi, do you have any info on when glo will be announcing their new internet tarrifs.

  9. since i jumped on the glo micro bandwagon a little over a month ago, i have nothing but warm feelings in my abdominal region.

    as far as data goes, not a hiccup!

    definitely better than zain – so faaaa

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