Is the white Samsung Galaxy Pro sexy or what?

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samsung galaxy pro b7510

Take a look at the white Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 above. We think its one of the sexiest smartphones in the market after the sleek, silver Nokia E7 that we have been drooling over.

What do you think?


  1. ‘ sexy’ is such an ambivalent word!

    I may see a curvaceous and tantalisingly captivating woman. If she has a certain obnoxious reputation, all I would do is admire the beautiful work of art. From afar! No more!

    The galaxy is beautiful. Sexy? Maybe. But I do not want to own one now It may debilitate my finances!

    When they make one that runs a less ravenous (data-wise) OS, I may bite! Andoids i’d not for me o!

    For now – I will just appreciate this voluptuous beauty. From afar!

  2. It looks cool, but you didn’t give us any Specs and OS warning so as to put the phone in proper perspective. A rather short article.

  3. Lovely!!! Saw it on Indian site of Samsung Mobile and was about asking an Indian colleague on vacation to help me get one. I changed my mind when I did the price conversion (N42, 000). Should be cheaper here and very much available within the next 2 weeks.

    More info here no features/specs from the Samsung website

  4. For me i’ll choose this over a nokia E5.,.the nokia is just another common s60v3…but here is android 2.2 wit divx and flash support! Nt bad for d price and d ‘waoh factor’

  5. Looks good, but am not yet convinced that Android will do well in this form factor. It looks restricted. This form factor is the territory of Blackberry and Symbian.

    Just Saying

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