Is there still Hope for Blackberry?

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BlackBerry Limited on Friday 26th of September, publicly released financial results for the three months ended August 30, 2014.
The major highlights include:
• Cash and investments balance of $3.1 billion at the end of the fiscal quarter, increased to $11 million from the prior quarter
• Normalized cash use is $36 million, compared to $255 million in the prior quarter.
• 3.4 million licenses issued for BES10, a three-fold increase from last quarter.
• 91 million monthly active BBM users, up from 85 million in the prior quarter
• Creation of BlackBerry Technology Solutions unit, encompassing QNX (embedded software), Certicom (cryptography), Paratek (antenna tuning).
• Announced agreement to acquire Secusmart (a leader in high-security voice and text encryption), and announcement of the acquisition of Movirtu, a provider of virtual SIM solutions, after the end of the quarter.

This goes to show that John Chen and his team are taking active steps towards regaining stability in the company. About a year ago, analysts concluded that Blackberry will be extinct in no time, but this has proved not to be the case. Their recent launch of the amazing Blackberry Passport was highly welcomed with about 200,000 units sold in 10 hours via Amazon and other online stores. Active BBM users have increased from 85 to 91 million spurred from the fact that they made the app cross platform.

Blackberry as a company still accrue losses, but from reports its evident the losses are reduced considerably and they are on the verge of attaining profitability. Another good news for them is that their shares went up by 5%. Major focus has always been on their strengths, which is the enterprise market.

Are we about to see Blackberry returning from oblivion and becoming a big player like they used to be? Only time will tell.


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