Is this a rip-off of BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard or not?

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The Typo Keyboard accessory for iPhone was designed to meet the needs of iPhone users who require a solid typing experience. However, BlackBerry has called it “a blatant infringement against BlackBerry’s iconic keyboard” and sued the creators, Typo. Here are images of the Typo slip-on keyboard:

typo slipon keyboard case

This is what it looks like when fully fitted:

Typo keyboard

BlackBerry’s press release is here. What do you think?

  1. I never knew that aPple could still copy I thought they were the only inventors. I want Blackberry to sue their ass, I hate the Ios in general

  2. @Peterjero
    Your hatered for iOS made you conclude hastily that apple made that accesory keyboard.. You may as well read the article again because it not apple that is getting sued.

  3. A detachable addon keyboard like this is a great idea. This would give one the best of both worlds… touchscreen and physical QWERTY keyboard (when you want to regress into the Stone Ages).

    Other OEMs should explore a similar thing.

    A cool concept.

    As for the suing, when you have deep pockets, you would always get sued in a litigious society; no big deal. They will resolve this, one way or the other.

  4. It’s surprising that anyone would wait to be sued instead of dropping the idea of the keyboard or wasn’t there the usual warning of cease and desist? Given, the BlackBerry keyboard is not only iconic, but it gets the job done but I doubt the iSheep are complaining about the lack of a physical keyboard so why would anyone think of making a living out of copying BlackBerry patented design that’s not saving BlackBerry from going under anyway?

  5. Blackberry in my opinion is just playing the business side of things but great idea by Typo Blackberry are just noise makers

  6. Well, i find the add on piece quite strange for iphone users, considering the relief i felt when i first moved to Galaxy S3 this year, after 4years of being a die- hard, hard QWERTY keyboard fan (no thanks to BB). I honestly can’t imagine me going back to hard keys, that’s like a freed slave asking for the chain experience again *straight face*

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