Is this how BBM love stories go?

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BBM love format

Replace BBM with Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp or whatever else.

Your comments!

  1. You would have to ask the “Instant” generation with their disposable relationships who rely on the internet for “love”. My internet experiences have been very different.

  2. Technology makes everything we do to be more fast-paced and convenient , relationships inclusive.

    If you are single and searching , you can get three hundred suitors online a day. That’s a wide pool from where to fish. You can take it from there.

    In the non technology days, you are outta luck.

    Any powerful tool has consequences of misapplication.

    Thus, the social media / technology is a useful tool. It is the possible misuse by humans, like every other implEment.. that is the problem..

  3. InstantGeneration.
    We get things done #faster.
    Everything happening in a twinkle of an eye.
    You get what you deserve/desire.

    #misapplication is inevitable

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