Is this North Korean tablet the most secure ever?

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The North Korean government has made a tablet called Woolim. It was showcased by researchers at the Chaos Communication Congress hacking festival in Hamburg, Germany. Manufactured by Chinese OEM, Hoozo, the Woolim tablet is as secure as it is totalitarian. It runs a highly modified Android ROM that basically spies on user activity while greatly limiting the use of the device.

Woolim tablet


The Woolim tablet features:

Here are the annoying features that make this tablet unique:

  • This tablet comes with a pre-installed set of applications. You can’t install any new ones.
  • Bluetooth and WiFi are disconnected to discourage any form of file sharing. You can browse and watch internet TV using the country’s internet.
  • The tablet comes with some reading materials, educational apps, and government propaganda texts. There are also French, Russian, and Chinese dictionaries included. Another app teaches kids how to type with a keyboard, and there is a lightly customized version of Angry Birds in there too.
  • It takes a screenshot of every app opened (which can be viewed in another app) and records every activity.
  • A user cannot delete anything from the tablet.

We can see that the Woolim tablet is not for the regular user. Its also unclear who it is targeted at. North Korean citizens? While using it, be rest assured you’re being monitored every step of the way. Sounds exactly like something right up the alley of the North Korean government that we all have heard about.



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