Yank out Play Store, Chrome, Google Drive, Google Search, Google Music, Google Now, and Google Maps from Android OS. Then replace those with Amazon’s app

Blu and Cyanogen team up against Google

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Yank out Play Store, Chrome, Google Drive, Google Search, Google Music, Google Now, and Google Maps from Android OS. Then replace those with Amazon’s app store, the Opera Web browser, Cortana for voice assistant, Bing for search, Nokia Here for maps, Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive for cloud storage and Spotify for music. What you get is supposedly a more open version of Android OS.


Blu is a Miami-based OEM. The CEO of Blu has been quoted as saying (source):

“When these other apps [listed above] are deeply integrated into the phone, most of the time they perform better than the Google apps”

Blu and Cyanogen are already in partnership talks with respect to latter’s plans to produce a more open version of Android OS. Cyanogen has been raising serious funds for the development of this proposed Android fork. However, Blu has at least confirmed that it will launch the first Cyanogen phone that will be stripped of Google’s suite of mobile apps. Normal Android apps will be able to run on it.

Can it be pulled off? I asked a few mobilistas about the above proposition and most replied that they would be interested in a smartphone running such a version of Android. Personally, on my Android device, Opera Mobile is currently my preferred browser, Dropbox my preferred cloud storage solution, and Nokia HERE my choice maps application. This proposed Android fork isn’t sounding like such a bad idea to me either.

I think that Cyanogen can succeed at this – and without putting a bullet through Google’s head, like the CEO claims. Perhaps, a wound in the foot at most and grab a nice share of Android’s market share.

What do you say?

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  1. Cyanogen platform will eventually also become like Google because the promoters and their investors will need to make money down the road.

    That’s when they will have to tighten their own grip on the platform and it will no longer be so open as being touted now.

    Or how else will the investors and venture capitalists who have put in about $80 million get their returns.

    Cyanogen is a hypocritical platform, and without the Play Store, it’s bland.

  2. Blue and Cyanogen have caught on to what many of us have yearned for – a less Google version of Android, with the apps we want rather than the ones we are forced to live with.

    I will be following developments with great interest.

  3. First, it’s a bad idea. It won’t succeed.
    Secondly, there’s nothing “open” about this os. It’s more anti-Google. They strategically remove all the Google apps, without even considering if they aren’t the best apps for such purposes. They sound as though they have a personal grudge with Google.
    I for one, won’t be interested. Mr. Mo, you may prefer HERE Maps, but globally, more people use Google Maps. And you think people don’t love Play Store? It has tons more apps than any other out there, Amazon included.
    Please leave Google to make their money; we like it as it is.

  4. This anti-Google campaign makes me angry. Seriously.
    Bing over Google for search? Seriously? What a joke. Amazon AppStore over Google Play? Opera over Chrome? I laugh. This will end up like Canonical’s “dream” of a $32million “superphone”.

  5. chrome is the best browser on a mobile #gbam #nuffsed… custom ROMs already can be used without Google stuffs as long as u don’t flash the Google apps zip.. e.g the miui ROM on my m2 is googleLess

  6. Uc mini browser is best for its small size, but if you want any job done chrome browser is d best all round

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