Is this what the rumoured Android-powered Nokia C1 looks like?

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It looks like we might have the first glimpses of Nokia’s first Android smartphone. In case you do not have the full gist of how Nokia got to this point, Nokia’s mobile division was sold to Microsoft in 2013 on the condition that Nokia was to stay away from producing smartphones till 2016.

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Of course, Nokia denied early reports that they would return to the smartphone business. Not all of us believed them. Eventually, Nokia admitted that they would make smartphones again.

Below is a supposed render of what could be Nokia’s first Android smartphone, the C1:

Nokia C1 Android

It is expected to be a 5-inch device. What do you think of the design? Take it with a pinch of salt, as this isn’t official. According to the Microsoft sale terms, Nokia’s first Android smartphone should not hit the market earlier than January 2016.

Get the rest of the gist here.


  1. I was just about to say they really can’t confidently produce a phone before next year. But I’m wondering, from the images above, if a glimpse of future releases isn’t contravening the agreement to stay away from a branded device?

    Or maybe this is circumventing a clause in the agreement – kind of prepping the market for what is to come? But this phone looks kind of – ahem – familiar.

  2. Well,you can’t categorically say it’s the real deal and even if so it can be argued this is an unofficial leak and got nothing to do with Nokia and thus no contractual agreement has been they say,take with a pinch of salt..

  3. This phone has very tiny bezels… I think this will be a very cool device.

    ….except that it should be taken with a pinch of salt anyway.

    Till nokia comes out to officially declare, we can’t be really excited about their reentry into the smartphone business

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