Zedd mobile launched a range of mobile phones two years ago in Nigeria. As far back as mid 2012, their phones were still seen here

Is Zedd dead? Zedd. Dead. Hmmm….

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Zedd Mobile

Zedd mobile launched a range of mobile phones two years ago in Nigeria. As far back as mid 2012, their phones were still seen here and there, but they seem to be nowhere to be found anymore. The official domain, ZeddMobile.com has been taken over by a UK Mobile Online Casino Entertainment Guide, and their Facebook Page has only 6 likes (unless there is another page that I am aware of). Online retailer, Jumia, does have one Zedd phone listed on their store.

I never handled a Zedd phone, so I have no experiences to share, but a 2012 article on Nigerian Technology Weblog suggests that Zedd was involved in shady marketing, presenting false specs with at least one of their models:

There was a spec sheet beside it which tuned out to be a total deception. The phone claimed an display resolution of 1280 x 720 and 1.2GHz processor. I was however suspicious because the phone is priced at N12,500.

Some of the comments that follow that article also show some level of dissatisfaction by buyers of that particular phone.

Who has any insider information about the status of Zedd? Are they still alive and re-tooling or are they dead?


  1. Zedd is dead . It takes a lot of skill and bravado to be in the Device business. There are only a few survivors there . You have the top brands like Nokia and then you have good Chinese brands like Tecno who have a lot of money and their own factories. I dont know of any other brand except someone like Mi-Fone who is doing well and surviving well in Africa.

  2. The first Android phone from Tecno was equally disappointing but then they persisted and recently started moving into high-end territory and are getting better.

    I could remember that Tecno where equally ambiguous with their specification of the Tecno T1 and and phone surely disappointed with multitasking and other ills but that’s all history now as these midrange Tecno N7 and Tecno Phantom F7 devices have really proved they can compete with the big boys. I only hope they do not relax after this achievement with the Tecno Phantom F7 and their first tablet i.e. N9

  3. Turns out Zedd is very much alive. I saw them on the road today doing one of those pop-up sales. They parked a bus somewhere on the road blaring loud naija music and young people wearing Zedd tees paraded their products to drivers and pedestrians alike. Dying? maybe. But not dead.

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