This is a Special Feature Did you know that diarrhea claims the lives of millions of children in Nigeria? Every day a child under 5

It claims 5 million children every year!

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This is a Special Feature

Did you know that diarrhea claims the lives of millions of children in Nigeria? Every day a child under 5 years old dies of diarrhea! Children below the age of 5 are very active.

They crawl, they fall, they play every where. They pick things from the floor and put it in their mouths and because their immune systems are not strong enough to fight Diarrhea like adults can, they fall fatally ill. They begin to stool uncontrollably and become dehydrated. Their skin becomes dry and cracking. They look mal-nourished with bulgy eyes and visible ribs.

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To help save our children, Lifebouy will be making a donation to the cause of defeating Diarrhoea but they need your help, all you have to do is take a pledge, join your voice to millions of others that want to put a stop to this plague.

Just click and tell as many friends as possible, you would have saved a life.

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You can also pledge by texting the word DEFEAT to 20050 or go to the FACEBOOK page

Pledge now! Pledging closes on October 15th, the Global Hand Washing Day.

Pledge and help save a life today.

Thank you .

On behalf of Nigerian mothers
Lifebuoy Child Health Initiative


  1. Nice One, Yomi. Tech Meets Health. Diarrhoea diseases and Gastroenteritis are one of the commonest casuse of under-5 mortality in the world. I shall pledge now to put my voice it’s eradication.

  2. We are fond of addressing symptoms, rather than the illness ITSELF in this country.

    Many of our problems- ineffective healthcare system, dysfunctional educational system, decaying and decrepit infrastructure are all attributable to one thing – PERVASIVE CORRUPTION IN. GOVERNANCE

    While it may be good to take Tylenol for your headache (when you actually have Malaria), it does not solve the problem permanently. it is just a palliative measure!

    We need to – collectively-wake up, eliminate Corruption in our private and (specifically) public lives. When we do this, poverty level will plummet, AfewGoodMen and DeolaDoctor will have more leisure time. Health iis wealth Wealthis also health (todone extent).

    Gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, etc are not prevalent in affluent neighbourhoods.

    Reduce corruption, reduce poverty, and you automatically have a healthier people…

  3. Eye.Bee.Kay, Well Said. Our Greatest problem is corruption. Eradicate corruption and Nigeria would become a better place.

    Imagine a politician self-aggrandising monies meant for a community of 200,000 people, and when he comes to visit the visit he will praised as a chief because he comes in flashy cars. The villagers forgetting so soon that his richness was as a result of endemic corruption and in essence he is a thief meant for the gallows in a responsible society.

    If the monies stolen were to be spent in the community, perhaps there’ll be less diarrhoea diseases. Less rOad traffic accident asnthe money might gone to build good roads and make tap water available and affordable.

    Yes, Eye.Bee.Kay, Mitigate Corruption and we would see the first light of progress at the end ofnthe distant tunnel!

  4. The first thing i did when this article come out was going to the website and making my pledge. I will encourage all or us on this site to do same. The burden diarrhoeal diseases place on our health system is enormous. I need not repeat what afewgoodmen has ably said on this.

    I cannot but commend EyeBeeKay fo pointing out the root of our problems in this country. If curruption is brought to a very low prevalence level, this country and indeed our health care delivery will greatly improve and the share of our national wealth will reach the grassroot where preventable, communicable diseases are rampant. The problem is not so much because of ignorance and negligence, but mostly due to inability to access health care as a result of poverty brought by currupt and greedy tendencies of our ruling class.

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