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iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy SIII

Going through one of the forums that I frequent, I saw this comparison done by Samsung USA. They seem to have a theme going about the “The next big thing is already here” in lieu of the announcement of the iPhone 5.

In the week that passed, Samsung also released a video mocking Apple for the iPhone 5. Rivalry or competition is good for the user but I hope that Samsung do not go overboard with this. The iPhone 5 is already sold out. Samsung should just give it a rest and be satisfied with being the number one Android manufacturer.

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  1. If u took time to read the comments of pppl from the place u cpoied this from,u will see that over 90%of d ppl took side wt samsung, apple is loosing out heavily in the mobile world

  2. Apple has been equally arrogant, so it’s swings and roundabouts – Samsung feels it’s their turn. As they say “pride goes before a fall”, and none of the mobile phone companies are renowned for their humility.

  3. Yes they took sides with Samsung but i doubt if Apple is “loosing heavily” because even the iPhone 5 is sold out and it is not even in the stores yet. Moral of the story is that the iPhone 5 may not be overladen with specs, iFans still went for it. Can Samsung beat that?

  4. Lol…I read it yesterday too. All the manufacturers are deeply involved in this kind of adds one way or another. Samsung wanted his pound of flesh too I guess.

    But hey, point of correction,Samsung is not the largest android manufacturer. Samsung is the largest smartphone manufacturer. Way ahead of apple.
    Like I asked somewhere else this evening, is the list drawn above true or false? Lets leave the morality/ethical issues apart.

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