It is raining Droids…

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androidPlease don’t get tired. We report news, and Google’s Android OS is currently hot news. Different manufacturers are announcing Android phones on all fronts. At the last count, we had:

  • Huawei (U8230 – and this one looks sleek)
  • Samsung (i7500 Galaxy, BigFoot)
  • Motorola (Heron/IronMan, Calgary)
  • Acer (A1)
  • Dell (Unannounced, but spy pics available)
  • Haier (H7)
  • ZTE (name unavailable yet)
  • LG (name unavailable yet)
  • HTC (Hero, Lancaster)
  • Garmin (name unavailable yet)
  • DoCoMo/KTF (name unavailable yet)

All these are in addition to the HTC G1/Dream and Magic/MyTouch 3G which are already available. Everybody seems to be getting on the Android groovy train.

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