Having spent about a week with the A32F, our review of the first budget smartphone (that we have seen) with a fingerprint scanner is finally

iTel A32F Review: Fingerprint scanner on a budget

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Having spent about a week with the A32F, our review of the first budget smartphone (that we have seen) with a fingerprint scanner is finally ready. How good is it? Our iTel A32F review tells it all.

iTel A32F Review: Quick Look

The A32F rides on two key strengths, namely:

  1. It runs Android Go Edition, which is optimised for entry-level devices.
  2. It has a fingerprint scanner.

As far as we know, it is the first device in that category. If we find that there has been another before it, we will review that statement.


  • Good performance at entry level
  • Good fingerprint scanner


  • Slightly washed out display with not so deep blacks

If you want to stop here, you are good. The phone delivers on itel Mobile’s promise and has no major flaws.

iTel A32F Review: Hardware

iTel A32F Review bottom edge
The A32F is made of plastic, and that is understandable. But it looks good. We particularly like the blue back cover of our unit. That back cover is faux metal. In other words, it has a metallic feel, though it is plastic. Good touch.

The fingerprint scanner is located at the back of the device. At the top of the phone is the 3.5mm audio jack. The bottom edge has a micro-USB port to the right.

The 5-inch display is okay, but is slightly washed out. We put it side-by-side a competing device and it was immediately clear that it does not have deep blacks and shades. It is a good display, and without the comparison, most people would never know the difference.

The back cover is removable, and so is the battery. It has two SIm card slots and a dedicated micro-SD card slot for expanding your storage capacity. And you will need a micro-SD card for sure, because the internal storage is small.

iTel A32F Review: Fingerprint Scanner

iTel A32F Review rear camera fingerprint scanner
We set up fingerprints without issues and have used the fingerprint scanner without issues. it works fne unlocking the phone and taking photos. You can also enable it to answer and record calls, as well as stop the alarm clock with your finger on the scanner.

iTel A32F Review: Software

iTel A32F Review lockscreen homescreen

What we have here is Android 8.1 Oreo, which is the latest out there. But even better, it is the Go Edition. Simply put, Android Go Edition is an optimised version of Android OS for low-end devices. It uses up less space and is easier on the low-end resources of the phone. The goal is to produce a better user experience.

So, how well does iTel A32F fulfil this? Fairly well. The pre-installed Google apps are all lite versions – Maps Go, Gmail Go, Google Go, Assistant Go (yes; Google Assistant is here too), and YouTube Go. In addition, the Lite version of Facebook is also pre-installed, and when you open Play Store, you are presented with Features Apps for Android (Go Edition).

The phone runs better than we have seen on other entry-level phones running Android. But note that while there is a difference in performance, it is not spectacular. This is still a budget smartphone after all.

The internal storage is 8GB and you have access to less than 4GB of that, so you need a memory card if you want to save lots of pictures and videos. Speaking of which, let’s move on to photography on the A32F.

iTel A32F Review: Photography

You won’t be taking any stellar photographs with either of the cameras on the itel A32F. They are both standard fare for a low-end smartphone. You will get fairly good pictures in very good lighting. In poorly-lit environments, you end up with not-so-good pictures.

iTel A32F Review: Battery

The battery powering this phone is a 2050mAh capacity unit. It delivers satisfactory battery life. If you do not push the A32F too hard, you will get a working day out of it. If you push it, you need to get ready to charge it up somewhere along the line.

iTel A32F Review: Final Words

itel a32f review top
The iTel A32F is one of those phones that makes a splash. If you are used to high end phones, it won’t impress you – and it isn’t designed to. Its target audience are people on a budget who want some of the features on more expensive smartphones. And the A32F delivers on that. It gives you optimised software and a fingerprint scanner for just N21,500. That is hard to beat. For now, it has no competition.

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