It is not everyday that one comes across an exciting budget smartphone. Reviewing a budget smartphone is often unexciting, usually because there is almost nothing

itel A32F Unboxing, Photos and First Impressions

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It is not everyday that one comes across an exciting budget smartphone. Reviewing a budget smartphone is often unexciting, usually because there is almost nothing special about them. But once in a while, a ground-breaking budget phone comes along and gets us excited. We bring you our iTel A32F unboxing article and hope you catch some of the excitement that we feel here at MobilityArena.

Perhaps you are asking, What sets the itel A32F aside? Excellent question. The answer is that its distinguishing factor is what it offers at its price point. We have reviewed smartphones that cost N30,000 that do not have a fingerprint scanner. iTel A32F has one and costs just N20,500!

For example, the Nokia 2 does not have a fingerprint scanner. The presence of the fingerprint scanner in the A32F alone makes the phone a ground-breaking one. But it gets better.

The iTel A32F also runs the Go Edition of Android 8.1 Oreo. Let me explain it. 8.1 is the latest version of Android, meaning that this dirt cheap smartphone has the latest software. The Go Edition of Android is optimised to provide better performance for budget devices. That means that iTel A32F promises to run smoother than other Android smartphones in its price bracket.

itel A32F Unboxing Photos?

We have some pictures for you. We start with the contents of the product box.

USB cable ☑️
Charger plug ☑️
Silicone case ☑️
Battery ☑️
3.5mm audio headset ☑️
Android 8.1 (Go Edition) guide ☑️

itel a32f unboxing contents

And lastly, there is the phone itself. Our unit has a beautiful purple back cover. On the front is a 5-inch display with a 2 megapixel selfie camera above it.

itel a32f in hand rear side

Here is the 5 megapixels rear camera with LED flash, and below that the fingerprint scanner. A N20,000 smartphone with a fingerprint scanner and latest software is quite revolutionary.

itel a32f fingerprint scanner back camera

itel A32F Unboxing First Impressions

itel a32f beside box

As expected, the A32F is made of plastic. It feels sturdy, and the colourful back cover looks lovely. The back is peeled off to put in the battery, SIM cards and micro-SD card.

The internal storage is 8GB in size, but only 5.17GB is available to the user. The rest has been used up by the phone’s system. Thankfully, there is a memory card slot.

RAM is 1GB, and 556 MB is available right after booting. We will see how the phone performs after having used it a while, but it runs the optimised Go Edition of Android OS, so we are looking forward to an interesting experience. We will discuss this in our full iTel A32F review.

Setting up the phone was typical Android fare – straightforward and easy. We set up our fingerprint and have had no issues with it till now.

Pre-installed apps are Go versions of Google’s suite of apps – including Google Go, Gmail Go, YouTube Go, Maps Go, and Assistant Go. The default keyboard is Gboard Go. The lite version of Facebook is also pre-installed.

itel A32F Unboxing - google android go apps

As usual, after this itel A32F unboxing post, we will have a series of articles examining various aspects of the A32F, and then round up with our grand review article. If you have qiestions you will like us to answer about the iTel A32F, please ask away using the comment box below. I will answer as quickly as my schedule allows me.

Do not forget to have a look at the iTel A32F specs, if you have not already done so.

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