Advertisement iTel is a brand that has been quietly pushing its products in the Nigerian market for a while now, and this is my first

iTel iNote Beyond 3G just arrived MOBILITY

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iTel iNote Beyond 3G


iTel is a brand that has been quietly pushing its products in the Nigerian market for a while now, and this is my first encounter with one. The iTel iNote Beyond 3G is a Dual-SIM Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 smartphone with a 4.5-inch display. Display resolution is 480 x 854 pixels, and it features a rear 3 megapixel camera. Battery capacity is 1,800 mAh.

iTel iNote Beyond 3G


The sales pack includes a 2200mAh iTel power bank PB-22AI, so you can carry extra power around with you. The design of the power bank is distinctive. There is also a protection case included in the pack.


iTel iNote Beyond 3G with Power Bank


The Beyond 3G has a very good profile. It is slimmer than the Moto G, but slightly taller. With a 4.5-inch display, it fits in the hand comfortably. This makes for easy one-handed use. The review unit here is in glossy white and feels well built.

The questions that everyone want answered are, “How does the Beyond 3G perform in everyday use?” and “How much does it cost?” Expect a detailed review shortly. In the meantime, any other questions are welcome.

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  1. Though on the cover of the phone it was written that it contains 8G but when I wanted to download some application it says memory full. I checked my storage and it shows that I have 7G left on the SD card. Am now tired of the phone. What should I do?

  2. I found out that the Beyond 3G has only 150MB internal storage

    Now, that leaves one speechless..

  3. Could please help us with internal storage issue in this phone, and will rooting help in freeing out the space

  4. The problem for that phone is internal space is too low help us to solve that problem

  5. Just as others complain about the little space on the memory space one of the things I don’t like ,secondary my phone volume is very low in a noise place can not received my call very clear even wheniI put it on speak the same pls I need help.

  6. The phone have a problem and that is internal memory. It does others thing perfectly but the internal memory is nothing to write about. I don’t want to use my because it frustrate me badly(internal memory).

  7. I do like the phone but can’t cling of using it, just because of this internal memory issue.

  8. I hate the fact that it has only 150MB internal storage…. This is same for all inote beyond series… be it mini, II, 3G, Grand…. A rooting method could be a solution to this.

  9. My Problem Is Skype And Viber.How Come Some Times I Fail To Watch Videos On Youtube And Also Whatsapp Some Times Can Fail To Work.Help Me

  10. Please since when I bought the phone I only installed 3 apps then it was full while you advertised it to have 8 GB ….how do you fix this fraudlent misrepresentation to us.

  11. Worst smart phone ever since started using phone ,the phone doesn’t have phone memory at all. Pls something should be done, is like I waste my money. For notnothing,

  12. The phone’s full of annoyance, some times i feel smashing on the wall, it doesn’t install youtube, doesn’t vibe, download movies etc.

  13. Plzzz the fon has a small space for storge …plzzz I reset the fon and it tells me plzz check apk exit plllzzz I need suggestions on how todo this stuuff am gettin rili annoyed

  14. I love the phone but gets mad wen I cnt install an app due to low memory but the phone is great
    for those that find it problem to them they should go and build their installation memory it will help their condition


  16. People should always check the RAM of the phones before buying. You surely do not want to be stuck with phones on whcih you can’t install apps that you like. Nice review. I am sure itel just released a new phone of higher specs. You can check out our wide range of N series android phones when you come onboard our platform here

  17. I agree with u E A. It is important u check the specs before u buy. I hate people grumble about specs when u have various choices of brands all over the town. Itel is a good phone(take it or leave it) from the lowest to the highest.
    Remember each phone or brand is made with a taste in mind.Thats why you have them in categories. You need to go there and pick the one that suits you.If you are the one that’s cares too much about specs then do your homework well by searching the Web or upon recommendation.
    Presently am playing with Itel note Beyond111 it 1452 android 4.4.2 kitkat and I found it cool with 4g internal 8g sd card included. Though the ram is 512mb but I have downloaded over 40 apps without complaining about spaces. In short I did my homework well before I went for it. Thanks.

  18. inote is a strong Phone built in with a good system. I put it under water nd bath after I just removed the battery dried it nd it still work perfectly without water entering the screan. I av done this at campus more than 20 time nd it work. It low space is my problem it’s really driving mad about it

  19. the main thing is just to root the phone and you’ll have access to all the sectors of the phone, not even the internal memory will be an issue cause it can be increased

  20. simu yangu itel beyond note imezimika ghafla ila chaji inaingiza simu haiwaki nifanyeje

  21. morni,pls wheneva i want 2 recieve app fm other phone thru blueth it u 2 show acept nd hv search i dnt kw where 2 accept it,pls help

  22. I’m using an itel it 1403.
    this phone is the worst phone i have ever used.
    the phone is so slow that sometimes i feel like destroying it even certain apps dont work on it…
    i regret buying tis phone….. I’m going to discourage anyone i come across who wants to buy an itel product………

  23. Iam using itel 1452
    I hate sometimes this phone because it ceases and when it does so I can do nothing no contact that is seen,it types itself,sms when they are sent to me I can’t see on the spot and so many other problems
    I ask my self what convinced me to buy this phone
    If you have a suggestion for me please help me.
    Let the producer know this!

  24. @moro – itel iNote 1452 to me is one of itels best having used it for a couple of months before giving it out. It doesn’t cry for memory like some in its category does.
    I really enjoyed it before giving it out.I then wonder why you have complaints on it. Sometimes maybe your unit has defects.

  25. my itel 1500 has 145mb total space. how on earth am i supposed to enjoy it if i cnt even install any application…?

  26. Chinese smartphones have the same problem. The lack of memory. But luckily most of them can use the memory card as phone memory. just try it yourself. hope it works for you

  27. I just wanna know how can I move my apps into my memory card so that I can have space to download app on Google play store … Please help me……

  28. Itel can never be rooted. don’t be suprised itel has low space,thats itel for you. it has 8gb does not mean its 8gb direct,tz 7.4gb

  29. Comment Text* it cannot install whatssap GB plus even when ive freed internal memory.

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