This is my first time with an iTel smartphone. The iTel Beyond 3G isn’t a stunning looker. It won’t win any design competitions, but it

iTel iNote Beyond 3G review: Crippled by low storage

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This is my first time with an iTel smartphone. The iTel Beyond 3G isn’t a stunning looker. It won’t win any design competitions, but it is not meant to. It is a smartphone for the budget-conscious person.

iTel iNote Beyond 3G review

iTel iNote Beyond 3G review: What’s Good

– The Beyond 3G is affordable, at about N14,000
– it feels well built
– comes with a 2200mAh power bank accessory
– dual SIM slots
– 4.5-inch screen size makes it comfortable in the hand and for one-handed use
– good audio volume via loudspeaker

iTel iNote Beyond 3G review: What’s Bad

– the internal memory is only 150MB, with problems installing 3rd party apps

iTel iNote Beyond 3G review: What’s Ugly

– loudspeaker volume is tinny with a high level of treble

iTel iNote Beyond 3G review - with Power Bank

The iTel iNote Beyond 3G runs standard Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean with a custom launcher installed. There are a number of 3rd party apps pre-installed, including: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Recorder, Notes, Joy Box, and Du Battery Saver. When you pull down the notification menu, you will find Du Battery Saver permanently on display there, telling yo how many hours more your have left on a charge and the percentage of power left on your phone. You can tap on it for tips on how to manage power consumption better.

iTel iNote Beyond 3G review - closeup top

It has both Diagnose and Optimize features, and also offers manual power-saving options. You can also create/set modes when the phone turns certain features on or off for pre-determined hours. It appears to be a very comprehensive power management tool. You can also monitor apps power consumption.

The rest of the phone is standard Android – Gmail, email, Android web browser, Google Search, hotspot, and more.

iTel iNote Beyond 3G review: Storage

iTel iNote Beyond 3G - Storage
The iTel iNote Beyond 3G has a small internal storage, and that seems to be its Achilles’ Heel. With only 150MB of internal storage, it poses a challenge for app lovers. There is an 8GB memory card included by iTel, and you can install apps to the memory card, but the 150 MB just seems inadequate still. As you can see in the screenshot above, there is only 15.80 MB of space left. The only 3rd party app on the phone was a keyboard app. BBM was installed on the microSD card.

The first 3rd party app that I attempted to install was BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), but just after downloading it and about to install, the Beyond 3G threw up the following memory error:

iTel iNote Beyond 3G - Error Downloading Insufficient Space

I had to delete all of Facebook, Twitter, PalmChat, WhatsApp, and others in order to install BBM and Nokia keyboard. BBM (33MB size) was downloaded to the SD card, yet “Storage space running out” errors kept popping up. I had only two (2) 3rd party apps installed on the Beyond 3G – BBM and a keyboard app, yet I got that error again and again.

iTel iNote Beyond 3G - Storage space running out

While it doesn’t make the phone unusable, it gets annoying having that pop-up while you are busy doing something important or urgent on the phone. Is this also related to the available RAM on the iTel? I dunno. I have used a number of Android smartphones with 512 MB of RAM and not run into such.

Joy Box is a local compilation of apps for you to install without the need for going online. There were 37 apps i there, including QuickOffice, Afrinolly, Quran, Bible, among others. However, when I tried installing from there though, I got a pop-up that said, “The memory space is too low: The remaining memory is too small, can not be installed”.

By default, you should set the phone to store all your files – music, video and others – on the memory card.

iTel iNote Beyond 3G review: Media

The iTel Beyond 3G has a rear 3 megapixel camera. It is a budget device and you shouldn’t be expecting a top camera experience or photos. There is a flash for close up shots in dark situations.

iTel Beyond 3G camera

Media apps on the phone include a music player, FM radio, audio recorder and video player. All function without any hitches.

iTel iNote Beyond 3G review: Performance

Moving through the UI was standard fare for an Android smartphone in its class. It wasn’t super fast or horribly laggy: just fine and usable.

iTel iNote Beyond 3G review: Conclusions

The iTel iNote Beyond 3G is severely crippled by the small internal storage (or whatever else was causing those memory errors). If you are on a budget, and especially if you are not an app junkie, it is a low-cost smartphone that you may consider. But I am certain that you will find better in the market.


  1. ”…but I am certain that you will find better in the market.”

    This caps it all, no further questions

  2. Internal memory of a miserly 150MB? Who the hell is it the phone makers are kidding? Bloody hell. Abeg, throw the damn thing into the dustbin jare.

  3. I already set all files to be stored in the momery card but I’m still experiencing the same problem.
    May be you can asist me on how to go about.

  4. …oh my GOD i just bought it the other day and i wanna download my own songs so what can i do because its giving me hell of time

  5. in 100% agreement.. those pop ups are so annoying… keep deleting apps and the space keeps going low… booooorrrrriiing!!!

  6. Well……somebody offerd me the older version of this phone for 8k at alaba intl market yesterday but I don’t think am gonna buy this for even 2k!!!!…..the specs are poor even for a low end smartphone I’d rather stick to my blackberry and save up enough cash to buy me a high end smartphone

  7. The memory itself is annoying bigtym…for the same price theas xo many phones in the market wit better specs..wat were the manufacturers thinking yet its their leading model…shame..

  8. This is theft u itel……ma android system doesn’t work….THC fuckin phone stuks and lots of probes. Its toy and not mobile phone. You gotta collect them all in market and supply the new to all who bought them did to fraudulent misrepresentation. How would you………..!!!????shame itel.

  9. For those complain about internal memory
    First go to setting and click storage and then preferred install location and click on SD card
    Also don’t update Google setting which cme later to Google play service
    F u need more help what app me on this no.

  10. The random access memory (RAM) that keeps the apps open is too low for this phone. I had to uninstall Facebook app and others to be able to install what’s app alone..

  11. yea…all wat u read is true I tried checking for what to say more
    about the phone…but the OP hv said it all…the battery na nonsense…downloading going to get a techno phantom

  12. I’m using iTel 1352 (iNote Bonjour) and the internal memory is low too but I’ve been able to enjoy the phone without the annoying running out of space notification by clearing unnecessary app data and uninstalling some apps. Here’s how:

    – Go to Settings > Apps > All

    – All the apps on the phone will be listed here, click on the app whose data you want to clear and click ‘Clear data’, click ‘Clear cache’ to free RAM space.

    – I’ll advice you to uninstall Facebook app and one dictionary app with yellow logo background colour with D in black colour ’cause they consume a lot of the internal memory.

    NOTE: Clearing an apps data returns it to its initial state (how it was when you first opened it) all your settings will be lost.

    I used ES File Explorer to browse the internal memory and I found some pre-installed apps like Facebook, Flash share etc. on the phone which cannot be deleted (and the total size is about 42MB) so I’m thinking of rooting the phone.

  13. i have a problem with my itel 1352 model. I locked my phone with a pattern i could’nt remember to unlock it, and i remember since i purchase the phone i havent use my play store to download or browse. so up till now i cant unlock or flash the phone. What do i do.

  14. HI, I got myself the problematic itel beyond I note,i android phone, I never knew much about the cell phone until I started having problems with the phone concerning the phone memory being full and later finally got stucked.I later gave it to a technician to flash,but how do I now prevent this trouble shooting from coming up again on the phone in the nearest future

  15. I just got dis fone yessterday on d 14 Nov 2014, but the peoples comment am seeing now, are making me afraid of what am going 2 be express with d fone. Pls I don’t wanna go 2ru all dis problem. What should I do 2 avoid all dis.

  16. your phone is so disgusted itel 1352.its really afake foni . at first i had 3g internet afta 2 months used 3g disappears and it uses only 2 g. man better sort dat quickly before every one stops purchasing your itel 1352. …….change it immediately because its now a2 g instead of 3g internet use

  17. I got the phone from a bro but the first thing I got was that there was no enough space. I didn’t know what to do cos feared deleting some important apps. So I just went to factory setting and now the camera is not working. Whenever I try, it tells me “unfortunately gallery has failed to open. The camera ikon is on the screen but its not on the apps list. I tried n downloaded a camera but its still failing to respond. What should I do?

  18. Is it possible to connect an edge device on to a 3G LTE network? Itel inote beyond is my current in use.

  19. i can’t open my joy box again, it always told me NO APK, even all my pictures in d image av disapear. i dont really understand pls put me tru.

  20. Hello! I have bought iNote smartphone 3 months ago, in kigali, While I was preparing for a flight to Asia! Yesterday, I started having problems with the phone concerning the phone memory being full and later finally got stucked! Now, it cannot help me anything but only two consecutive alerts one saying “Storage space running out” another “Text message memory full” Please tell me if could easily handle this problem myself cause I am not near your technician for help?

  21. Im having problems connecting with the wifi on mu Itel beyond 3, it says obtaining IP address and the connecting and then it just stop and says saved, do not want to connect. there is nothing wrong with the wifi router. It seems like its an Adroid 4.4.2 problem but how di I fix this problem?

  22. It doesn’t save data on sdcard yet have the provisions of alternating storage. Please make it automatic if internal memory is full, external is ready!itel in Uganda is doing well.

  23. All is OK with my it1403 iNote except it’s processing speed due to it’s 256 MB RAM yet it is a 4.4.2!
    Is it possible to expand or increase this RAM to 512 MB? THX.

  24. download DU speed booster. this will solve that problem. you will begin to enjoy the phone.

  25. Hey am available now in what app and Google if you need any help using itel i wil love to help now abour internal memory delete all unwanted app am gonna end here but the is more work to do f you need help whatspp me on +255782889488

  26. currently the phone can not reboot to the windows or IOS is not responding so help fix it right now please

  27. My itel1400 has nothing in joy box.
    it also con’t allow me to install apps due to the problem with the internal memory.
    The callibretion doesn’t work.
    Its bluetooth can’t be find using another mobel or divice unless is send an iterm to the divice.
    Internet is very slow if i want to watch movie on net.
    The audio player has a very bad soud quality thus very high level of trebel without bass even when i use an equilizer.
    What is the solution for all this? Should i throw this phone away?

  28. Yesday my internal memory was running out and a pop message appeared delet some files and I mistaken clear data of my contacts and now I can’t see any contacts in my. What do I do

  29. lyk seriously i hav no problem wit my itel1403+ d tin wit u guyz z dat sm pipo dnt knw hw 2 use phone nd dnt evn knw hw to manipulate or evn use d phone. Mine came wit enternal 4gig, 512mb(RAM) nd externa 8gig. am jst enjoyin d phone. jst knw ur phone nd it wil knw u. tank u

  30. I do as well with all these sos you can only love it and laugh mine can’t seem to save contacts even when I save it next time I go to address book it’s not there lol

  31. I do as well with all these sos you can only love it and laugh mine can’t seem to save contacts even when I save it next time I go to address book it’s not there lol

  32. I do love this phone as well with all these SOS you can only love it and laugh mine can’t seem to save contacts even when I save it, next time I go to address book it’s not there lol

  33. i got this phone and trust me in a few days a million problems came and i had to reset it like 50 times this phone stinks.
    not recomended.

  34. I am using itel1352 model am always prompt my phone space is going low I have to empty so app to free the space . how can I move all the app to the sd card to make the phone Ram have enough space to function speedily
    thank you

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  37. my own is itel 1401 n I dnt know hw to increase my RAM, is too small for me n I download framaroot it did not wrk for my phone, am fed up

  38. Uninstall some apps. Root the phone and use linked2sd. WhatsApp me so I can walk u try it. 08053232545 Rose

  39. For screen shot hold press power and volume down keys works on almost all androids

  40. Pls is anyone using Inote beyond it1450E? If yes I really need some help. WhatsApp +2348053232545

  41. I accidentally closed my sim one..Therefore currently it is only sim two that is working in my itel..How can can I activate the dual system

  42. please i would like to know how to display my contact on my sim card on itel 502 i4 because even after selecting my sim card as the contacts to be displayed it doesnt display.thank you

  43. as I sed b4 dat mine is itel1401 n can u believed dat I root dis phone wen I download 360launcher n after dat I download 360root n d apk download it su user itself n I off all animations on setting n I change my installed location 2 SD card even am nw enjoy d phone unexpected full of h+ always but d only prob nao is my battery

  44. Exactly!!! Piece of advice?? Don’t ever buy or accept this shiit for free…if you have it already??? hahahahahahahHHHHHHAa…. LETS ENJOY IT TOGETHER

  45. All is okay with my itel 1403 inote except my contact, sometimes i find it very difficult to access even a single contact on the phone for almost 2 hours. Pls can you help me out?

  46. I have been a blessing to itel,my dad bought me a itel phone from ivory cost after some month I had problem with that before I realized I was with another itel it 1401 that Inote

  47. My itel 1403+ doesn’t ring when someone calls
    All ring settings are on
    The volume up and down works fine with sound
    But it doesn’t ring when someone calls

    Please help

  48. My it1403 has a very low processing pomer that i can not even watch videos on youtube,i wonder what i can do

  49. pls how to increase charging speed of my itel note 1702, from 4% it will takes 7 to 8 hours to fully charge,pls how to increase charging speed?

  50. good morning , I use an itel prime2 which was working well then an update popped up which I dated them the tab started malfunctioning. I flashed it and since then I no longer see H+ on it. what do I do?

  51. DAT phone and the makers are bunches of ingrate… unskilled fools

    hw can dy mk something useless like DAT

    DAT phone makes me go crazy!!!!

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