It has been fun watching the bets stack high as a result of my earlier tip of an impending drop in mobile internet tariffs by

Its Official – Lower mobile internet tariffs are here!

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It has been fun watching the bets stack high as a result of my earlier tip of an impending drop in mobile internet tariffs by a GSM operator.

lower mobile internet tariffs

Well, it is official now. The wait is over. The bets are won and lost. And the network is…. MTN!

Yup, the Y’hello guys have surprised so many of you and gone ahead to drop mobile internet tariffs to as low as 5k per kb outside of bundle plans. That’s one-third the prevailing tariffs.

You heard that right. But that is all I am permitted to publish now. In the next few hours, MTN will go public with the information and I can give you more details.

In the meantime, we will announce the winner and ask him/her to name a network of choice so we can send the airtime that we promised.

Also, you can expect other networks to start adjusting too. Smile everyone.

Update (8.35 a.m., September 16, 2010)
I have it on good authority from a reliable source that the management of MTN has put off the announcement temporarilly. I am assured that the announcement will be made though. Well, at least now you all know which network it is.


  1. @ Yomi

    I’m smiling (no need for me to get a third phone)

    MTN? Unbelievable. It’s very uncharacteristic of them and I’m sure many people will agree with that. Let’s see what glo comes up with. Etisalat is already on main one too.

    Still can’t believe it’s MTN.

  2. keweno,

    I’ll provide more details when they are given to me. Please keep the questions coming, but remember that I have only been given the priviledge of tipping you.

    I’ll put up more info as we get the details.

  3. One thing is for sure – there will be lots to update in our Guide to Mobile Internet in Nigeria in the coming weeks and months.

  4. @Yomi
    Well, you say we can keep the questions coming. How about the bundle plans, any adjustments? because it would not be fair paying more for data, on say funlink for example, while those not on bundle plans will be paying less. In fairness, all the plans should be reviewed to fall in line.

  5. This is so disappointing! When I thought they were going to do something within the bundle plans. And to think it is the network I hate most. Please, Glo, put them to shame!

  6. This is it? Seriously this was so not worth the unnecessary high BP :-(. I’m with @Ebimobowei. I was expecting them to add more plans to their data services just like GLO has.I hope they are planning on unblocking Opera Mini with this move oh!

  7. MTN cheat on me: i subscride 5omb on tueday, i started browsin wit, i open few site and i check my bundle plan it read 35mb. i open google to check if i can downld javarunntime for my laptop but serve refuse to connect then i check bundle ple it u hav exuasted the plan.

  8. Waoh..That looks really is now makin sense.. I hope they would jst stop their broad day light robbery and correct their billing errors first! @mahogany, you already have the new internet explorer 9? Thats kewl!

  9. MTN really is making commendable steps in making internet accessible. it has the widest 3G network, a growing wimax network(Hynet) and metro cable, wants to buy SAT-3, is involved in WACS submarine fibre project . . .
    @shayman, that’s me. i always get the latest of everything. i mean everything.

  10. Interesting stuff. I am really delighted at this. I hope other networks would follow suit. Especially with the knowlege that we spend more than 3 times on data when in Nigeria when compared with developed countries Neighboors.

    @MAHOGANY. By the way internet explorer 9 is only on beta now. I believe that you are an early adopter. I am still waiting for the stable and final version.

  11. MTN got it horribly wrong with the link up tariffs or what ever they call it. I hope they make amends with their data tariffs and proper billing.

  12. MTN ke? Those guys are not known for anything customer friendly. There is surely a catch somewhere. By the way what of their bundles? No cost reduction? Cos thats what would make the most sense. In any case MTN is still the best where i am.

  13. In life its better for the worst to happen first.

    I see this as a means and a minimum standard as others will now want to go lower and i see a more aggressive campaign from them all and i know better data plans will be rolled out too.

    For MTN to do this, something good is sure coming our way.
    and dont forget the Glo video i posted earlier Adenuga also means business.

    Cant wait for the total transformation.

  14. @yomi..When are they gonna announce d bundle plans..Which we could ve 1000naira for 500mb all day..That would take care of ur mobile internet…Perfect! @mahogany..U re mouthed..U ve chrome 7 again!

  15. Sorry, guys, but I have it on good authority from a reliable source that the management of MTN has put off the announcement temporarilly.

    This kind of scenario is why I prefer to wait for official announcements before going public with any info. The public often have no idea how much back-and-forth goes on with these things.

    I am assured that the announcement will be made though. Well, at least now you all know which network it is. And you heard it first from Mobility Nigeria 😉

  16. Announcement of the tarrif cancelled?
    Spoil sports…..
    @archie, you are very correct. There is a catch, though not entirely the type you thought.

  17. 5k per kb???
    MTN is the same thing everywhere but not as mean as 9ja tho.Thats embarrassing,total rip-off. Ordinary ZAIN SUDAN offers unlimited data services/24hrs(HSI o,thru ur mobile modem) for just 1pound…..U wana knw ow much that is in Naira???
    Approx N70/day.
    That is all!

  18. This is a strategic move by Mtn to capture more subscribers before Glo activates their new tariffs via the Glo-1 cable. Mtn has the largest subscriber base. Can you imagine how slow their internet will be if every tom, dick, harry & mary starts browsing on their phones due to cheap costs. Mtn should update their equipment nationwide to HSPA before doing this!

    I’ll wait for Glo’s new tariffs. I’m typing this using Glo’s Always Micro, which i’m enjoying…

  19. Am not impressed. Networks should reduce thier bundle tariffs. In india its 2dollars for 2gb for God’s sake.

  20. @Kay123

    It is not the amount but the quality of what is being offered. Honestly, it is quite pathetic. Good Internet access is still a mirage. 5k per kb is way too expensive, functional internet access is being offered for free elsewhere.

  21. Today, I mean recently you had better not compare MTN data service with others, 3g coverage almost everywhere in Lagos. Therefore 5k outside bundles is not too bad outside of bundles use to be thousands of times costlier, this 5k means we will have very cheap bundles from MTN but my fear is when everybody get on again the speed will drop. Hope it will affect BB service too.

  22. na wa ooo… obviously a lot of us guessed wrongly in the earlier thread while naming the network. i was really shocked when Yomi dropped the network name. how on earth could it be MTN? the most expensive, customer insensitive and ridiculously unfriendly telecom company . all their newly introduced call products are scams. they were prepared to rip people off the more. check out their average =N=34/min calls while etisalat is giving 15=N=/min (@ =N=20 each day though). Unfortunately a lot of us have MTN as our first and most known contact line.

    well… good enough that they are doing this…. it will only aid better prices from their competitors. but really… i am more concerned about the data quality.

  23. MTN’s 3G coverage like other operators are only available in places of strategic importance to them. In the some cities I have visited, 3G coverage in areas populated by banks and other business offices which is no coincidence.

  24. glo still gives the best value for money of the gsm coys offering data service. now the browsing speed has improved tremendously.

  25. Mahogany,

    I agree with you there about Glo offering the highest value for money. Right now, Glo has no competition.

  26. 5k a Kilobyte does not sound good enough. Why? That translate to 50 Naira for 1 megabyte. ANd 5000 Naira for 100MB. That is not a good bargain, if you ask me!!!!!!

  27. It still doesnt make sense at 5k per k. They are still ripping us off and its not fair. Glo is very fast oh but i think they should increase their fair usage upward or what do you guys think?
    by the way, who knows about etisalats plans and data that comes wiv them

  28. Yomi, I donot agree with you because I browse on my Etisalat for 2.5 kobo per kb. Try it and see. But what I really want is a slash in their bundle plans.

  29. My personal line is MTN and I certain can not change that, but for data if one network disappoint me i will simply switch to another.

  30. I am not impressed at all with this reduction in tarrif…….what MTN need to work on is the bundle plans. I just hope that will Glo will take a cue from this and give us a better deal. People, Glo Always Micro is the bomb. I subscribed to it yesterday and am getting amazing speed on my phone. Watching Youtube videos is now a breeze for me with little buffering in between. I ve temporarily ditched Etisalat Easynet.

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