Its Official: WhatsApp updates with the ‘middle finger’ emoji and other features

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Sometime ago we reported that WhatsApp now has the middle finger smiley. Oh well, it’s official now, and that’s not all. You can now lower data usage during WhatsApp calls , you can also mark chats as read or unread.


These features have been around for a while now but was only available for download on the WhatsApp for Android website. The features have now been together and pushed to Google Play Store HERE. Meanwhile we’re yet to see Google Drive backup option in this official version.

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  1. Well I guess the middle finger will be amongst many others that I won’t be using on WhatsApp! I have a load of other emoticon options I’d like WhatsApp to consider… Like a proper smiling And showing teeth smilie. The “I’m constipated” smilie or “I’m checking I brushed my teeth properly” smilie don’t count.

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