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Pay a Blogger

Last week, an initiative to make people donate money to bloggers and web video creators, in recognition of their freely available work, was announced. Today, November 29, was picked as the launch date, and here’s the message from the Pay A Blogger site: “On November 29, pay a blogger!

The rationale? A quote from the Pay a blogger website:

Some of the wittiest most insightful content comes from bloggers doing it because they want to, not because of money and fame. That is all the more reason to give something back.

The idea is, If there’s a blog that you like to read and has helped you out in some way, why not take a moment to reward them? Sounds straightforward.

What do you think? If you like the idea and would love to send some cash to the Mobility blog, here are some channels:

PayPal. Send to:

GTBank. 0009 698 726 / DomainStandard Networks

If you have some other favourite blog, do check them out today to see if they are on to the Pay a Blogger thing so you can send them some cash too.

Want to read more?

Visit the Pay a Blogger Site.

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  1. Happy to know some people are thinking straight. We should encourage bloggers. Why not? These guys have given their money (bought domain names, pay for site hostings, pay to get info), given their time, and given their brain just to serve us all with interesting and enlightening articles that some times do change our lives and perspectives for the good. It is just natural that we should show some appreciations. Saying a little “thank you” goes a long way, and cementing the thank you with a cash donation no matter how small further helps bloggers to continue their noble and selfless work.

    So guys let’s give. Let’s give generously to this site and those other sites that have blessed us one way or the other.

  2. It’s the right thing to do. No need to be a Brain Doctor to decipher this.

    I should go to the nearest Bank and drop something, as soon as I’m free. Like the Chineese proverb goes; little drop of water makes up the Ocean!

  3. Nice concept. I taught pay a blogger was for bloggers who dont have adverts on thier site that they make money from? Linda ikeji makes hundreds of thousands from adverts on her blog. I see MN has adverts to, dont tell me u dont make money from them?

  4. @Mark,

    I like what you said but i want you to know that more things go into blogging than meet the eye. We that are involved would be in the position to enlighten you on this. It is not easy to blog. You expend a lot of resources just to inform, educate, or make others happy. Yes, some bloggers make money through adverts. Some even live off the blog. But for most, these little adverts go into paying for the domain name and hosting (a yearly affair).

    In any case, if you don’t want to further enrich the “already rich” then donate to my blog site. ( has no adverts and is not sponsored hehehe…).

    Just find a blog that you know contributes towards advancing the society and has no sponsor, and donate generoisly

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