James Bond’s car in Spectre has been auctioned : Guess how much?

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If you haven’t seen the latest the episode of James Bond – Spectre, then you shouldn’t be reading this. The car used by the world’s most famous special agent in the movie has been sold in an auction on Thursday for 2.4 million pounds ($3.48 million at current exchange rates). This is way over the originally estimated price of $1.4 million.


The car itself – Aston Martin DB10 – had only 10 units ever made, and the crew modified most of them to film the movie’s stunts. This one sold was one of the two left untouched by the production team, and it is the first made available for sale to the public. The actor, Daniel Craig signed the car to further sweeten the deal.

It is interesting to learn that Aston Martin didn’t certify the DB10s for public roads. The new owner should definitely know how to deal with that. Proceeds from the sales will be sent to charity.



  1. Kinda crazy.

    Paying that much for a car not certified for road use.

    Some rich folks can be crazy you know.

  2. Femiblaze, when a rich person buys a car, it is not because he needs a form of transportation. The purchase is usually an addition to his collection. Sometimes, those cars never get driven around.

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