Jazz Up Your Android Home Screen with Metro UI

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Okay, it is now official: I am a lover of Metro UI, the Windows phone 7 interface.

Remember my gadget wishlist for 2011? It included having windows phone 7 as its OS. Recently, while making my rounds online visiting the sites that I go to on a daily basis, I stumbled on an application that allows me to have a feel of the windows phone 7 interface on an Android device.

I gave it a go and it is beautiful. I also thought it would be nice to share it with you here, and you can decide for yourself what you think.

Here are pictures and screen shots for your viewing pleasure.

By the way, the name of the app is Launcher 7 and it is available on the Android market.


metro tb2

  1. Good one. I will sure try it out.

    Another android windows phone simulation app is Windows phone android! Quite cool too.

  2. Yomi, I’ve tried a couple of them in the past week. One is SPB MOBILE SHELL. it costs about $30 in the ovi store, but I was able to get a free cracked version which I’m currently using, and I love it. It even works on the nokia5800.

    Another option is N-Desk, which offers an apple-like home screen. Both free and paid versions are in the ovi store.

  3. Some of the custom desktop apps I am aware of (and used) – for Symbian – are:

    Hip Logic S..P.A.R.K
    SPB Mobile Shell (really really comprehensive and capable but guzzles memory)
    JBak TaskMan (had problems decidingg on this one over SPB Mobile Shell)
    Paragon Handy Shell
    SmartPhoneWare Tracker
    SmartPhoneWare Best Menu

    I have stuck to JBak TaskMan for its small memory footprint and diversity of functions. It is lean and mean and effective.

    JBak, Tracker and Mobile Shell are the most impressive / comprehensive of the lot..

  4. Actually, I was refering to a Windows Phone specific custom desktop for Symbian. I am aware of the other varieties currently available – and honestly, I don’t like any of them much.

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