Jins Frontswitch glasses protect your eyes in three ways

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Most mobile devices today perform more than one job. Our smartphones, for example, serve as a camera, music player and does so many other useful things. On the other hand, eyewear traditionally does just one of two things: it either helps us see more clearly, or protects our eyes from sunlight. However, eyewear make Jins has created a pair of prescription glasses that does both. Say hello to the Jins Frontswitch. Furthermore, the glasses are made by a robot, which is as cool as glasses can get.

It is not quite an exciting experience to put sunglass lenses over you prescription glasses, as it involves big, unwieldy magnets to the sides of the frames. Jins attempted to solve this problem by attaching tiny square magnets in front of the arms. Then, the sunglass attachment on the Jins Frontswitch is slimmed down considerably, and matched to the frame shape for a seamless style.Jins Frontswitch

What this means is that it is practically impossible to tell that the Jins Frontswitch isn’t a regular pair of sunglasses when you attach the front panels. Furthermore, you can attach the Jins Screen blue light filter to the glasses, which block out 25 percent of the blue light emitted by the screens of the various devices we use every day. Blue light causes eye strain, which makes it difficult to sleep naturally if you’re using a device at night. Therefore, when you combine the Jins Frontswitch with the Jins Screen, it protects the eyes from both sunlight and blue light, and the lenses correct faulty vision.

The Jins Frontswitch glasses start at $150 with the standard clear lenses, and they are sold through the company’s stores or online. Adding the Jins Screen protection increases the price to $210 including shipping. There are various other lens options, including polarized lenses and coatings suitable for people who drive a lot.

The Jins Frontswitch glasses are quite great. If you have a pair, you would not need to buy a pair of regular glasses, a pair of sunglasses and a third pair for looking at screens at night.


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