Jio 4G subscribers can now enjoy YouTube videos on their Jio phones

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In fulfilment of the promise made by Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani had said while addressing the AGM last month, YouTube App is rolling out for Jio Phone users, so they can enjoy better access to videos on the Jio 4G.

Mukesh had made a pronouncement that “The three most popular apps YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook will be available to all the Jio Phone users from 15th August”. As of today, the Facebook and Youtube apps for Jio Phone are available for all users to download and install. However, the Jio Phone WhatsApp app will be available only for a limited number of users today.

The roll-out of WhatsApp for Jio Phone will be done in phases/batches.There is no official statement on when the app will be available for other users.

It wasn’t just too long that Google introduced Google Assistant and Google Maps apps for Jio Phone users.

With WhatsApp being one of the most used app in India, this shouldn’t be so.

Reliance Jio 4G, KaiOS, and Jio apps

Reliance Jio is a 4G mobile network in India. The operator does not provide 2G and 3G services and are behind a new generation of feature phones that support 4G, apps and smarter services.

Reliance Jio Phone is the pioneer device in this category. It has been followed by Reliance Jio Phone 2. Both phones run KaiOS, a revolutionary new feature phone system that has caught on in India, with millions of Jio Phones sold. The new Nokia 8110 4G also runs KaiOS.

Recently, Google invested in KaiOS, an indication that the search giant sees the huge potentials of the platform.

Google is also investing in making its apps available for phones running KaiOS. And so is Facebook.

stream Youtube videos on jio 4g

YouTube For Jio Phone

Jio 4G say they want their customers to have the same social media experience that the Andriod and iOS users have. These Jio apps are a great development. But they do have limitations.

For instance, Jio Phone users will not be able to download videos on YouTube for off-line viewing. They won’t also be able to make voice or video calls using the WhatsApp app. One would have thought that considering their target audience, off-line viewing will be a given. Perhaps that feature will be added at a later date.

How To Download YouTube App for Jio Phone

To download these new Jio apps, Jio phone users need to go to the Jio App Store.


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