Jio Phone Whatsapp Download is now available for JioPhone 1 & 2

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Jio Phone users in India have been waiting impatiently to have the world’s biggest chat app on their phones. And now, Jio Phone Whatsapp is finally available and rolling out to millions of phones.

Jio Phone Whatsapp

WhatsApp has built a new version of its app for Jio Phone. It offers standard WhatsApp features, including end-to-end encryption for messaging with text, images and videos.

A little less than a month ago, Jio Phone users (as well as users of other KaiOS phones) received a software update that added YouTube and Jio Store apps and others to their devices. See Mister Mo’s review of YouTube, Google Maps, Assistant, and KaiStore on Nokia 8110 4G.

The arrival of Jio Phone Whatsapp is a big deal indeed for the KaiOS ecosystem, which now has an active base of over 40 million phones. This is about 27% of India’s mobile phone market and 47% of the country’s feature phone market.

Jio Phones are feature phones that run a smarter operating system called KaiOS and also offer 4G LTE internet connectivity. They are fast becoming an effective gap between traditional dumb phones and smartphones, especially because they are extremely affordable.

Available Jio Apps

At the moment, apps available for Jio Phones include: Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube, Twitter,

Jio Phone Whatsapp download

Jio Phone WhatsApp Download

Mister Mo checked his Nokia 8110 4G, which also runs KaiOS, to see if the WhatsApp app is available for it and found nothing. As WhatsApp’s press statement says, the new app is available for just the JioPhone and the JioPhone 2 for now. It will certainly be available for other KaiOS phones soon.

If you own a JioPhone or JioPhone 2, visit Jio Store on your phone to download the Jio Phone WhatsApp app.

About KaiOS

You can find out more about KaiOS and Jio phones HERE and HERE:

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