JoikuSpot Premium hotspot app free for Nokia E52, E72, and E5

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The popular app that enables users to turn their Symbian smartphones into wi-fi hotspots is being made available for free to the following Nokia devices: E52, E72, and E5.

If you own one of those devices, you can get your free app by launching the Ovi Store on your phone.


  1. Jeneros…
    But whatz the idea behind limiting such freebies to specific handsets? Why those specific models? Are those models lagging behind in sales, or wot?

  2. Yep, it makes sense for JoikuSpot to be available for the office phone series.

    I use it frequently on my N8. My only worry is that it makes the phone very hot, and I suspect that this has deteriorated the battery.

  3. Just did on my E5…..not only Joikuspot but also an update to Ovi store and free five other premium apps………can somebody tell me this apps will not expire in the next 30 days, as in……’this offer last for the next 30 days’…..if otherwise kudos to Nokia…….love the sky force nice game…

  4. I dont think they will expire because I have had Doodle Jump through the same means for months now.

  5. I had to buy the paid version to avoid stories that touches the heart. The version I use does not make my phone hot and the battery consumption is okay for such an app

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