Join the Opera Max Global Test for Android

Posted by MobilityArena

Do you remember Opera Max, the free app that provides up to 50% data savings from compressing video, images and text on almost every app on your phone? The global test is now available to all who would love to take it for a spin.

Go download the Opera Max app. Android OS users only!

Thanks to Emma Edeh for the tip.


  1. This is exciting news.

    My only problem with this implementation is the fact it uses VPN to accomplish its task.

    You can’t use more than one VPN app on Android simultaneously, so out goes NoRoot Firewall, an equally vital app..

  2. The latest version of Google Chrome browser for Android has data compression built in.

  3. Doctor, you missed out the fact that what Opera Max does is compress data used in almost every app on your phone. This is not just web browser use.

  4. For people who make use data heavy apps like Instagram, the savings are as good as claimed.

    If they could work on the compression rate and make it even higher (say, close to Opera Mini standards),

  5. that means the apps and services using the data aren’t subject to Opera Max’s compression. apps and services using Google’s backend (downloading/upgrading apps on Play Store, Play Services) or regular DLs. still 7% is rather low, been hovering around 20% since I got it

  6. that much compression will compromise the user experience with some apps. picture and video quality will be affected. also noticed that API calls are reduced on my twitter client, so live streaming tweets is not an option. but it’s a godsend cos I can use etisalat more

  7. That’s true. I didn’t think of that.
    However, I don’t like the fact that the compression does not work with WiFi signals. This is because some of us use mobile data to generate the WiFi hotspot we connect with. So that means our WiFi is in effect cellular data and would benefit from compression.

  8. I have had the app for about two months now and to me it barely does anything as it does not compress data sent over https which most apps and websites use to transmit data. It does not compress data traffic on the facebook app, twitter app, youtube app, most sites on chrome browser.

  9. Out of 52.2MB used, I’ve save 9.9MB mobile data.

    I’m not sure how effective Opera Max will really be in the long term, but for now I’ll wait and see.

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