Jolla: pronounced “yola” If there is one thing that stands MOBILITY out, its the huge variety of mobiles that drop by to visit us. From

Jolla Jolla visits MOBILITY

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Jolla Jolla Mobility

Jolla: pronounced “yola”

If there is one thing that stands MOBILITY out, its the huge variety of mobiles that drop by to visit us. From hugely popular, mainstream devices to extremely niche products, MOBILITY gets to showcase all sorts. The first Sailfish smartphone, Jolla Jolla, isn’t one that is sold on the shelves in these parts, but Spacyzuma was kind enough to loan us his unit. Between him, Noni and myself, we pulled a special delivery stunt to get the package to me all the way from the UK.

Yes; and I got to meet Noni. Eat your hearts out, mobilistas. We talked about horny cockerels and a lone chicken, dogs, zobo, Nigeria, and of course, phones. I had a detachment of police officers with me to keep her from kidnapping Big Red. Seeing that her attempt did’t work, she has sworn not to rest till she gets her hands on Jesse’s Lumia 1520 (which incidentally is red too). I’m seeing Noni again next week, by the way. Make of that whatever you want. And no; I am not posting a photo of her for you to see.

Anyway, I have the Jolla Jolla here with me. The hardware is interesting. Software-wise, the Sailfish interface is very different from what exists in the market. I am still trying to get used to the user interface. In my opinion, it is a steep learning curve, but then I have only just started playing with the phone. The OS of this unit has been upgraded to v1.0.5.16. It is powered by a 1.4 GHz Dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM. It has a 4.5 inch display with Gorilla Glass protection. I am wondering about that though, as the display already has lots of scratches.

The camera is an 8 megapixel snapper with LED flash. Internal storage is 16GB and there is a microSD card slot. I understand that Sailfish OS allows regular Android apps to be installed. I look forward to some fun time with the Jolla for the next one week. If you have any questions, please fire away.

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  1. Been meaning to get my hands on this. I’m almost certain i’ll be definitely getting Ubuntu touch device later this year… maybe…

  2. Wow! A real life Jolla! Am really eating my hearts out.

    But if it is an off-shot of symbian belle as I was made to believe, then there is no need for Mr Mo going on a tutorial before getting the hang of it. I suspect this must be an entirely different and new OS.

    Am dying for a review.

  3. What?! Are you kidding me,JOLLA in da house? Unbelieveable. Cant wait for the review.I want to know about its multitasking, facebook,twitter and web browser apps. Catch ya Jolla!

  4. Looking forward to the review… Zuma kept tantalising with tweets about it…would love to know how it handles data as it relates to usage and battery. I would also like to know how the camera stands with other phones…

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