Jolla to focus on Sailfish OS; a new company will make devices

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There is an upheaval in the smartphone world. Brands are switching focus to software and reducing their involvements in hardware. Remember Sailfish OS? That’s the platform on which Jolla smartphones run. Jolla Ltd is the Finnish company that came into existence in 2011 to continue the heritage of Nokia and MeeGo OS. It has announced that it will be fully devoted to the development and licensing of Sailfish from now on. The announcement states that at a future date, a new company will be setup to continue the production of smartphones.

Sailfish OS from Jolla

A new company will be established to continue Jolla’s device business, where the company sees a specific interest from privacy-aware consumers and corporations around the world.

The new Jolla devices company will be announced separately after the summer. This smells like the beginning of the death of Sailfish OS and Jolla smartphones. But what do we know?


  1. When things like this start happening, it becomes obvious you’re dealing with a failed OS.

  2. A failed os that is still selling handsets is not really a failed os.

    The model Jolla is adopting has been the same for others including Google; you build and develop the software, someone else produces the handsets. That way you focus on your respective strengths.

  3. The decision was a wise one because it will give the team every opportunity to concentrate on building the OS instead of trying to build both the software and hardware with limited resources. I think the world need another improved operating system.

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