JollaMobile's Twitter followers hit over 7,000 from 200

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Jolla is the new company founded by ex-Nokia MeeGo team members to keep the legacy of MeeGo OS alive. The announcement of the new company went live on friday. Taking a look at the company’s twitter profile, the twitter account has been active since February 16, 2012, whicch means that this initiative had been in the works for a while. That gives me greater confidence that this isn’t likely to end up a fly-by-night operation.

What is even more interesting now is the fact that before the announcement was made on friday, Jolla’s Twitter account had only about 200 followers. As I type this article, it has clocked over 7,000! That is massive in just four days.

Lots of people seem to be interested in MeeGo as a mobile OS. I am.

Here are a few tit bits from Jolla about their plans for MeeGo:

  1. The N9 is a Nokia product and will not be getting any support from Jolla.
  2. Jolla will be using their own user interface, Jolla UI. Swype UI belongs to Nokia.
  3. Jolla are also branding their MeeGo-based platform “Jolla OS”
  4. app development will be in Qt, C++, QML native, and HTML5
  5. Jolla’s OS will run on ARM processors
  6. A new Meego phone announcement is expected later this year
  7. In Finnish, Jolla means a special type of sail boat

What do you think of Jolla’s plans? In my opinion, it makes sense so far. Was anyone really expecting them to continue work on the N9, a product that belongs to another company?

Implementation is the next stage. But if these guys were the ones behind the N9, I am excited. I certainly wish them luck and look forward to using a Jolla smartphone in the near future.

  1. I wasn’t even expecting support for the N9, that would be silly. Nokia isn’t paying them to provide support, so why should they?

    On the other hand, I’m curious as to how many handsets they’re going to release in their first year. I don’t expect them to flood the market, but sales in their first year will be crucial in determining what the next steps will be.

  2. I hope they get full support from the public when they release their first phone, the Linux community needs this project and tizen to succeed because all the other mobile Linux endeavours have stalled.

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