June 2016: Mobile internet users in Nigeria dropped

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed in its monthly Internet Subscriber Data that mobile internet users in Nigeria reduced to 92,281,921 in June 2016. That is a loss of 81,415 users from the previous month.

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Besides the small drop in active users in the month, the NCC’s subscriber statistics also revealed which networks gained and lost internet subscribers during the same month.

The Winners

In the month under review, the winners chart looks like this:

  • Glo recorded an increase of 272,674 Mobile data users
  • Airtel recorded a small increase of 45,334 Mobile internet users

The Losers

In the same month, the figures for the losers are as follows:

  • MTN suffered a decrease of 134,609 internet subscribers
  • Etisalat suffered a loss of 254,511 data subscribers

The battle for mobile internet users continues

Of the four big telcos in Nigeria, Glo is the big winner in the internet stakes. The network has experienced a massive increase in mobile internet users in recent times, giving it the largest mobile internet base of the lot. The Mobile data field in Nigeria has become a slug fest as network operators battle tooth-and-nail for the body and soul for subscribers.

Earlier this year, former government-owned network, Mtel, resurrected as Ntel. Ntel is in private hands now and runs a 4G LTE network. It is, however, yet to make any significant inroads in terms of subscriber acquisition.


  1. These numbers is greatly affected by the prices of their data subscriptions. Etisalat has been the most stubborn so far. Still maintaining high prices for their data plans

  2. Lols not only them even 14airlines flying Nigeria route has withraw from naija am telling u economic is verybad now naija guys rarely order any stuff from gearbest.com again no money.

  3. Elroy,

    I wouldn’t even mind paying a little extra for superb quality of service, but Etisalat data has so fallen behind in quality and reliability that those their tariffs make no sense.

  4. isn’t this weird a little bit, guys should practice how to embrace their environments positively

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