Saving Data: JustFly’s Tips For Avoiding Massive Data Charges While Travelling

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Travelling with tech has become commonplace for those looking to getaway. While most are aware of the perils of roaming, some still are a little unclear as to how to avoid getting a big surprise when they get their next phone bill. So, how can you avoid the sticker shock of careless overseas phone use? To find out, I spoke with JustFly, an online travel company. They gave me some tips for avoiding massive data charges while travelling overseas if you intend to use your smartphone during the trip.

avoiding massive data charges while travelling

Be Safe: Turn Off Roaming and Automatic Downloads

The first thing you need to do according to JustFly’s review is make sure that roaming is turned off on your phone before you take off or cross borders. Some other tips include turning off automatic downloads. This means adjusting settings for your email to set them to manual fetching, turning off automatic software updates, and disable application updates. Another good idea is to reset your data reporting so you can make sure no data is being used.

Use Wifi

An obvious tip. Wifi is your friend when away from home. Stay away from free hotspots though, if security is high on your list. If you are wondering how you should place calls, using services like Google Hangouts and Skype can get the job done for you without incurring potentially expensive long distance charges.

Get A Travel Plan

The best course of action if you plan on using your phone extensively is to get a travel plan prior to taking off. Most providers have these plans at the ready and they can give you a sense of security as you use your phone overseas. Be weary though; these plans have data limits so you should still lean heavily on wifi when you can!

If you follow the above tips religiously, you will have no problem avoiding massive data charges while travelling.

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