kaios smart feature phones


  1. Wow, so much to read in this article. I doubt it if KaiOS will ever be recognized in Africa countries, especially here in Nigeria, because we are all used to Android OS and Apple iOS.

  2. KaiOS is a brilliant innovation. It’ll definitely become acceptable in Nigeria if given proper hype. I’m expecting Globacom, known for her generosity with data to step in and take up this opportunity. I, as a person, would definitely get one of this little beauties soon. But, it’s not going to be Nokia. The price tag Nokia placed on its version is absurd.

  3. You are right, Mister MO. But we don’t value feature phones like we value Android and iOS phones in this country, because feature phones are not as useful as Android and iOS. Our daily drive is smartphones and we use them more. Can’t remember the last time I hold a feature phone

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