The Karlmann King looks like a cross between a stealth bomber, a Batmobile, and something you would find The Rock hauling around in a Fast and the Furious movie.

Karlmann King is a heavy duty SUV that is built like a tank

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Whether you are up against the arid desertland of Dubai, swamped rainforest roads in the Amazon, the potholes of Lagos city, or the mountainous regions of the Alps, the Karlmann King is what you want to be driving.

The Karlmann King looks like a cross between a stealth bomber, a Batmobile, and something you would find Dwayne Jonshon, AKA The Rock, hauling around in a Fast and the Furious movie.

Let’s get the price out of the way as quick as possible. This monster does not come cheap. But if you have a few billion dollars to spend from, the $2,000,000 price tag of the Karlmann King is small change. You read that right, and that price tag makes it the most expensive SUV on planet Earth.

karlmann King on the road

Built on a Ford F-550 base, the European customizer has created a heavy duty all-terrain, luxury beast. And should you need to travel through regions where you could get shot at for no reason, or kidnapped, there is an option with bullet-proof armour.

This luxury SUV beast of a machine weighs over 4,500 kg if you go with the basic carbon fibre body, or 6,000 kg if you opt for the bullet-proof armoured option. It isn’t built for speed, of course, and so won’t hold a candle to the fast cars of this world. But if you are driving this, there is nothing on ground that can hurt you that you can’t outrun. Its 6.8 litre V10 petrol engine will deliver 398 horsepower through the six-speed automatic transmission to get you going as fast as 140 km/h and no more.

I did mention that it was built like a tank; didn’t I? The fastestproduction tank ever is the Scorpion FV101 and maxes out at 82 km/h, so the Karlmann King will still leave that in the dust. I told you.

karlmann King night rider

But what will you find once inside the Karlmann King? Futuristuic opulence: A Hi-Fi sound system, stowaway electric table, air purifier, neon lights, refrigerator, private safes, widescreen 4K TV, coffee maker and a PlayStation 4 gaming system. All of these can be controlled from a central app system. You can pretty much live and work in this thing. Here is what the luxurious interior looks like:

Luxurious interior of the Karlmann King

As fas as I can tell, only 12 of these were made and you are probably out of luck if you want one, seeing as it went official last year. But that doesn’t keep me from wanting one? Is there any oil sheikh reading MobilityArena who is willing to sell me his?

PS: I gather that the karlmann King only just arrived in the first quarter of 2019 (source).

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