Sometimes last year – 2015, I was introduced to Spectranet LTE data plans & it was like the best thing to have happened to me since getting…

Kay’s Data Plan Story

Sometimes last year – 2015, I was introduced to Spectranet LTE data plans & it was like the best thing to have happened to me since getting married (OK, that’s an attempt at being funny or trying to write like Mr. Mo.)! That initial thrill then didn’t quite last long and it seems like ages ago now!


You see, my office location then had some degree of very good Spectranet signal and at home too I was able to discover a vantage position to place the MiFi router for optimal signal. Then, streaming football matches and some other live events at relatively cheap amount (4k for 20GB night + weekend plan) was possible.

Then, out of the blue my office moved! Practically no signal in this new location unless I open a particular window, hang the modem on the handle and I’m able to get signal even though not with the speed I was used to, but I can even only do this when the office AC isn’t on! I got tired eventually and traded the MiFi and bought a CPE modem thinking because that one is big, it’ll get better signal… For where! Wrong move. Terrible signal at home and office… Can’t even hang on window handle again!


So I kept my CPE waiting for the day the elusive network expansion and upgrade will take place. In the meantime, I played around with MTN, Etisalat and the unlimited 1k BB plan by Visafone that I first got to know about from Mr. Mo’s post sometimes back. MTN network became frustrating and annoying so I decided enough was enough and (re-) ported to Etisalat (my second time of doing that!). So I was left with Etisalat and the Visafone. I eventually got tired of that one too cause of the slow speed, battery of the Blackberry Bold 5 phone, network coverage and the fact that MTN bought it (Yeah, that angry with them). Then I decided to give GLO data another chance after about a year hiatus. It’s been over 5 months now and it is simply bliss. Cheap initial data purchase + Innovative & Cheap Data top-up. So you said, what about speed? Yes, it isn’t supersonic but then, I have less need for speed cause I hardly stream anything again – I download to view later. The other basic day to day data needs is amply covered by the speed I get. If there’s ever an emergency fast download that I need, my Etisalat line can easily be summoned.

New Spectranet Data Plans


Then back to the Spectranet – they’ve finally nailed the coffin on that one with their absurd price increase without corresponding network upgrade and expansion. Comparing them with GLO that I use, N5,000 will get me 8GB on Spectranet but only 5GB on GLO, N8,000 will buy a whooping 24GB on GLO whereas I’ll need to cough out N10,000 to get 20GB on Spectranet and albeit with a very limited network coverage & additional load carrying! Whoever advised them! Or maybe they were about going into bankruptcy sha! But without customers, they’ll still lose out on the long run.

My Nigeria Data plan story definitely isn’t going to end with this but for the time being, make I dey rock my GLO dey go!

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  1. Anyone in Nigeria who is a lover of the Internet I’m sure would have changed Internet service providers like the pages of an exercise book.

    Which one haven’t I used? From the good old days of the awful NITEL dial-up (gosh I remember that sound my CPU used to make, all four GSM networks, MyNetcom, DOPC, ZoomMobile, SWIFT, most recently SPECTRANET and now on fibre optics courtesy of KKKONTECH. I think it’s just SMILE, Cobranet and IPNX I haven’t used. Cobranet and IPNX don’t cover my neck of the woods, while SMILE has seen me stay away from them cos of the complaints I’ve been monitoring so far ranging from terrible data depletion to that fraudulent nonsense they call unlimited access for N19,800/month.

    I went back to Spectranet last December after about a year away from them. I must confess my experience with them since then has been super terrific. For 12k, I was getting 40GB which was just enough for me since I’m not a heavy user. The data speed I was getting has been the best so far. And just like Kayode pointed out, their latest ridiculous tariff increase got me shopping for a new provider sharp sharp. As fate would have it, I got connected to KKKONTECH only yesterday after several months of going back and forth on the issue of connecting my estate.

    So far, my latest provider has lived up to its billing of unlimited downloads as promised. Now my smart TV gets to be fully utilised and appreciated unlike those days I was miserly with my data.

  2. This isn’t new,i have all SIMS of various network providers standby in case of any story.Keep enjoying the Glo Network ,but brace up for disappointment some day -You will come back to edit this story if GLO frustrate you i swear!

  3. What is the issue here? No network has 100% coverage and internet speed performance at every location. Even the Glo this writer is praising crappy in my area. I signed up for the 2.5G plan some months ago ended up wasting cos I could hardly browse on EDGE Glo signals. Seems more like an attempt to discredit Spectranet. Even the Smile internet no longer bringing smiles to their subscribers. The writer forgot to give credit to Spectranet for the 100% data promo in December 2015 when all subscribers who renewed before expiry enjoyed roll over of unused data and double data renewed. I was on the 25G plan and got 50G plus unused data in December. With the recent Spectranet data price increase I have over 80G unused and Spectranet was magnanimous to allow me carry over unused data on a downgraded plan of 5k for 5G monthly. So what’s the beef? Different strokes for different folks.

  4. @Ola For some reason, I’m only just seeing your comments. No beef whatsoever with Spectranet. Only that as I pointed out, I practically couldn’t use it! And I stay in what some will call a choice part of town and my office is very close to UI campus. I tried bro. Was with them for a year till I got fed up.
    Now, they’ve been calling me based on a complaint I registered over 6months ago…why? Their network has now been improved upon. No permanent enemies or friends when it comes to these telcos. I’m still rocking my GLO but I may try Spectranet again in the nearest future especially on a mobile device. Not too keen on investing in any modem again…

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