Rodents are an inescapable part of daily life, especially around rural areas. If you use a vehicle in such areas, it is most likely that

How to keep your car safe from rodents

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Rodents are an inescapable part of daily life, especially around rural areas. If you use a vehicle in such areas, it is most likely that these little animals will find your car and occupy it at some point. As a matter of fact, rodents pose a big problem to vehicles, because they tend to gnaw through wires, insulation and hide stuff in important places, which could prove injurious to your vehicle. Therefore, it is very important to keep your vehicle animal-proof. There are several ways to keep the animals away from your vehicle. However, not all of them work. Here they are anyway:

  • · Block every small entrance to the engine compartment: These could include placing traps around the wheels, or blocking the engine openings with a wire screen.
  • · Seal off rat hiding places near the car: This means you need to keep the area around your car free of shrubbery and various other growths. Also, you need to block any rat-sized entrance to your garage if you have one, and also spray the place with rat rodents
  • · Use electronic deterrents: There are various electronic devices that can be used to scare away some rodents. For example, rats can hear ultrasound, and it is annoying to them. Also, rats like dark places, so installing strobe lights close to your car could scare them away.
  • · Place traps to remove the rats that get past other defenses: This includes making use of the old-fashioned mousetraps. Glue traps too may work. However, some of your traps might also capture and kill domestic animals, so you have to be careful.
  • · Make your engine and it entrances smell bad to rats: This involves making use of various chemical substances, including peppermint oil, used cat litter, red pepper, some kinds of soap, and so on.
  • · Hide your pet food away from your car: Really, you should keep anything edible away from your vehicle, as this attracts rodents.
  • · Leave the hood open: This might not always be practical, but rats and other little animals look for the warmest places in order to make their nests. Leaving your car hood open would discourage that.



  1. Thanks for this article, useful information for all car owner out there, especially those that lives in rural areas, this steps will definitely work to prevent all that.

  2. I can tell you for free that two of those methods are hit and miss – the electronic ultrasound one and peppermint oil. I’ve tried both of those, saw a mouse wander past the electronic device, and the where the peppermint was mice made it very clear what they thought of it!

    Two methods I know that do work – and picked them up from a pest control guy – apart from traps, are blocking holes and any way that provides access to mice. Don’t even leave a small gap as they will exploit it.

    Stainless steel scrubbing pads and heavy duty silver duct tape are great deterrents. I suspect duct tape with a bit of peppermint might prove appetising, however the stickiness of the tape could act as a deterrent if applied in enough layers. Apparently mice don’t like the feel of the sharpness of the stainless steel pads, just be careful not to cut yourself.

  3. I still can’t wrap my head around how the first point works.
    ” Block every small entrancetothe engine compartment: These couldcompartment: These could includeplacing traps around the wheels, or blockingthe engine openings with awirescreen.”

  4. @Deji I can only assume that it must refer to the second point as it is near impossible to stop a mouse from getting into a car. It also depends on where the car is parked, whether in a covered garage or out in the open – in the case of the former then it might be possible.

    But that would also mean a lot of “un-trapping” every time you want to go out 😀

  5. Thanks for this inspiring update, i must say this article is very helpful to me, not only in cars but even at homes, thanks once more

  6. thanks for sharing this helpful update this will present car owners from this rodent and any other car damage.

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